The IGPX Action Reports Archive
Episode 4 Action Reports
Field Report #1: The Pilots Before the Races

IGPX is a rigorous sport of youth and physical strength. Knowing
that, it's easy to understand that there are many burdens of racing
in the top category of the IGPX-the IG-1. Not just as a routine thing,
but even right before a race begins, the pilots don't slack in getting
the necessary training to boost their own physical condition. Let's
look at Team Satomi as an example. They just entered the IG-1 this
season; what do they do before races?

Liz acts as a team leader in the Chinese martial arts that she knows
well. She trains and disciplines herself not just physically, but also
mentally. The genius of the team, Amy, focuses on the attacks done
using a simulation machine. The ace of the team, Takeshi, tends to
go on the race course when nobody is around. He stabilizes his
mental frame of mind and boosts his ardor toward the race.
Field Report #2: Animal Navigation

Corresponding to the pilot who has an emotional connection with an
animal, there is a regulation in the IGPX that allows for previously
registered animals to be in a race with pilots. Thanks to the current
OS developed by the company Ishigaki that provides animal
navigation systems that are used in IG Machines, animals can
provide feedback on machine operation during the race and also
other info during the race (can instantly respond to situations and

However, it is difficult to be allowed this privilege-not just for the
pilots, but also for the animals. It became safe to use this system
seven years ago, and currently, out of a total registered 66 teams in
the IGPX, a mere seven teams are equipped and granted
permission to use animals. Furthermore, out of those seven teams,
only four have actually used the systems in a real race. There are
only two teams where we see animals being utilized every race.
That's Team Edge Raid and Team Satomi.

As for the animals navigators, Luca and Sola, they appear in major
pet supply companies' commercials. Because on the high status of
the IGPX, these animals have great influence on the sales of the