The IGPX Action Reports Archive
Episode 3 Action Reports
Report #01: A Reversal from Left Field! Team Satomi Lands
Their First IG-1 Victory!
-Team Satomi cracked the "Kings of Defense" and their new defense system.

It's the second race for Team Satomi in the 2048 season. We
wondered how the new team in the IG-1 would fight against Team
Black Egg and the fresh defense system they've set up. They
focused on that one aspect.

Different from their first race, Team Satomi assertively used their
attacks in this race. Takeshi closed the gap between him and
Ricardo and But, to catch Takeshi off-guard, Ricardo released a
peculiar vaporizing substance that would momentarily block
Takeshi's field of vision completely, and allowed him to get ahead.
Takeshi persisted with his attacks, and it eventually caused him to
make a "pit stop" with the Running Skeleton. However, Team
Satomi wasn't down and out. Together with Amy, Takeshi, who
aimed for Ricardo's front and rear, released a strike that looked well
controlled. Ricardo smashed into Glass, who was in front of him and
fell behind in the race. After that, Team Black Egg wasn't fully able
to enter speed mode and they let Team Satomi takes 1st, 2nd and
3rd place in the race.

Worthy of commemoration, this was a perfect first victory for Team
Satomi in the IG-1. This was the first time for Team Satomi to stand
upon the winner's stage in the IG-1, and the three pilots celebrated
their hard work releasing champagne at each other. But, will their
basking in the joy of winning be only today? Will it be the only time
for the in the IG-1? Their next race is against the team called
"Perfect Winners"-Team Velshtein. Team Satomi will have to wait
and experience Team Velshtein's resolve and austerity.