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Episode 2 Action Reports
Report #01: Team Satomi's 1st IG-1 Race
-In a rare feat, the midfielder managed to hold on for a draw

Team Satomi's first match in the IG-1 was with last year's 2nd place
team, and the team who this season is a likely contender for the
championship title-Team Sledge Mama. This was the first race of
this season and it had a feeling of tension. Team Satomi
demonstrated unrefined movements while Sledge Mama had swift
movements in the first lap. In the first corner of the second lap, the
teams switched to Attack Mode. Team Sledge Mama used an "Inner
Edge" attack and assailed Team Satomi's machines without any
leniency. The Yellow Signal flashed before Team Satomi could
even change their game. The IG-1 renowned "Running Skeleton"
appeared on the course and assisted Liz's mech with repairs. But,
shortly after the race resumed, Liz and Takeshi had to retire the
race. They couldn't even make it to the first corner of the third lap.

Team Satomi's Amy managed to hold on with Speed Mode in the
third lap, doing so in the crucial timeframe where Sledge Mama
almost could have overtaken her and won the match. Amy was
successful in being the first to receive the checkered flag in the
race. Team Sledge Mama's three machines finished after, earning
the same 15 points that Amy earned. She was able to tie the race. It
seems somewhat interesting to hear that last year's 2nd place team
tied in the first race of this IG-1 season. But, Team Satomi didn't
show any substance whatsoever. A draw earned without fighting is,
more than a seeming loss of the match, likely to cast a bad shadow
on the team.