The IGPX Action Reports Archive
Episode 1 Action Reports
Report #01: The 2047 (IG-2) Championship Match! Who Has
Been Promoted to IG-1?
-Above all expectations, Lady Luck has smiled upon Team Satomi. Satomi
dominates the IG-2, and rises to IG-1 status!

Surely, it was "Lady Luck" smiling. It was the championship of the
top 2 ranked teams of the IG-2 Regular Season. This is the third
time that Team Satomi has appeared in the IG-2 championship in
the 12 years since it was founded. Consider that up until 2042,
Team Rolling Stone (the team Satomi faced in this match) was in
the IG-1 and had been vying for the IG-1 spot for two years in a row,
continuing from last year. The odds were overwhelming for Team
Rolling Stone to win this year. Lap 2 finished with Team Satomi's
attacks missing and Team Rolling Stone maintained a winning

But the final lap came. It was Team Satomi's Takeshi who took the
top by sneaking away in the melee. In the middle of the spiral,
although Team Rolling Stone's Oleg was being chased, with the
help of Oleg's Inner Edge attack, Oleg began his lead. But, the
remaining two machines of Team Rolling Stone were closely
followed behind by Takeshi. Some way or another these two
machines needed to get through, and at the moment that Team
Satomi's other two machines would be weak enough to be outrun
Team Rolling Stone, Rolling Stone lost the integration to keep
themselves in the winning position. 5 kilometers remain. Team
Satomi's Liz and Amy somehow managed to catch up with the four
machines in the front. But, it's not easy for Team Rolling Stone to
get in a winning position one-on-one. Team Rolling Stone fights
with general attacks. Team Satomi's specialty is teamwork, the
pilots' performance and a little bit of luck. Indifferent to his
teammates, Takeshi aims for the checkered flag. Takeshi finishes
in 1st place. Seltev finishes in 2nd place, with Liz and Amy getting
3rd and 5th. Team Satomi gets their first IG-2 victory.

Unlike what normally occurs in the Regular Season, the match felt
extremely uncertain, and one can only comment on it by saying "It
was only that Lady Luck smiled upon them that they won". But it
was a spectacular victory. We can't wait to see just what kind of
battles are awaiting us in next season's death-defying IG-1.
Report #02: An Outlook on How Team Satomi Will Fight in the
IG-1 League

This is the first time for Team Satomi to race in the IG-1 since its
foundation. Last season, people would say things like "Luck was on
their side", "Smile of Lady Luck" of Team Satomi, and Satomi
commanded the IG-2 but those phrases may not continue when
they're in the IG-1.

One of Team Satomi's traits is that 2 of their pilots have trained in
martial arts from China and Japan. In the IG-2, their hand-to-hand
fighting seemed to be what stood out the most, and in particular it's
Takeshi's attacks' speed and recklessness and that must be what
many fans have been supporting about Team Satomi. Takeshi is
known by some fans as "The Samurai Pilot". But, it's not just their
ability in what martial arts they've learned, but that also combined
with their mental ability. That explains why it's said that Team
Satomi can think about how their opponents go all out. It's these
two pilots (Takeshi and Liz) combined with the genius pilot Amy
that makes us expect that Team Satomi will show us their natural
power. It's precisely because they aren't accomplished as a team
yet that the anticipation for what kind of performance Team Satomi
will show us is so great.
Report #03: New Rivals Now Encircled in a Mission to
Dethrone the Current Kings of the IG-1

In 2047, Team Velshtein's brightest year ever was strongly
impressed upon its fans. Before the curtain for the season was
raised, Team Velshtein was considered a likely winner for the
season. Not outside of that prediction, Team Velshtein won all
races in the Regular Season of the IG-1. While Team Sledge Mama
showed us their overwhelming strength in the championship race,
Team Velshtein shined brightly, winning their second year in a
row-a first in IGPX history.

Nonetheless, we can't say for sure if the 2048 season will be just
the same as last year. It's because this season, in the IG-1, "Stop
the V" has become the main catchphrase for the other teams,
driving a fresh new objective for the teams to concentrate on. How
long will it take for a team to beat Team Velshtein? We'll be
constantly consumed with this question this season.

But, Alex Cunningham's interest is currently aimed toward neither
the ace pilot of Team Sledge Mama nor the team itself. Just the
other day, the IGPX 2048 Opening Reception was held at the Ricky
Perch Memorial Hall. On stage there, the question "Are there any
pilots you have an eye on this season" was asked to Cunningham,
to which he replied "Takeshi of Team Satomi". After that, he
followed up by saying "I haven't fought him yet, so I don't know
whether or not he's the real deal in rivalry". To the opposing teams
and also to fans, this must have been a big shock.

There are probably many people who took that as simply lip
service. But, Benjamin Bright, who was the host of the event, says,
"Declaring that as lip service is not sensible". It's true that Team
Satomi won through the IG-2 not just by luck, but Cunningham isn't
called a genius for nothing; we can assume that he is probably onto
something with the bold statement he made. We have to wonder
about Team Satomi who has said to have baggage from the
IG-2-will they have storms in the IG-1, or will it just be a breeze for
them? Either way, the curtain for this year's IG-1 has been raised,
and their upcoming first battle with Team Sledge Mama is one that
has inevitably gained a lot of prominence.