You may know us as Nintendo Reviews, but you may
have also known us even before Nintendo Gamecube.
This takes a look at how we came to be Nintendo
Reviews, and this company's history of providing
quality news, previews and now reviews! You can also
see our major plans for the future, at the bottom.
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May 2000
We start to see many fan sites for Nintendo games, and we started to think about the possibility of
creating our own simple one for fans. It's not until much later, we got some motivation to start it.
Sep 2000
Our business starts with a simple website hosted by Yahoo Geocities. This was known as Wierdre's
Nintendo News. It was a simple site with basic layouts, but started drastically growing.
The website grows with different sections like Pokemon Central and Rareware Reviews. The site
becomes more widely known. "Trick Town" featuring codes and tricks for games was made.
Dec 2000
The website is filled with more information and news. Games featured plenty of screenshots, and
there were more games mentioned. "Trick Town" was canceled because of hardly any visitors and
lack of games for cheats and hints.
Mar 2001
July 2001
A huge down time because of bad internet connections in the area led to a three-month period of no
updates. This was a bad time for the company.
The website finally gets back up and running, and previews for Nintendo Gamecube games started
appearing. The previews were for Super Smash Bros. Melee, Luigi's Mansion and Pikmin. These
were eventually all deleted because of lack of visitors to those sites.
Nov 2001
After the deletion of the GCN previews, we started focusing more on Rareware Reviews. Screenshots
were pouring in for their most anticipated title, Star Fox Adventures. We felt that Rareware was
getting too much attention, and then added Gamer Reviews. Like Rareware Reviews, Gamer
Reviews really never featured real reviews, just previews and information.
Feb 2002
July 2002
Updates continued fluently in all sections, including Pokemon. Wierdre's Nintendo News merged into
Opuren's Nintendo News. All updates stayed constant, and the only thing that changed was the name.
After the name change, updates continued, but focused once again on Star Fox Adventures with its
release being that month. We also learned of Rareware being sold to Microsoft. Our first major news
article was about this sale of $375 million.
Sep 2002
After Rare's sale, the Rareware Reviews gradually died out, but Star Fox Adventures info still
remained, relocated to Gamer Reviews. Rareware Reviews was replaced with Retro Reviews, because
after the huge success of Metroid Prime, we knew that Retro Studios would scale to greater heights.
Jan 2003
Pokemon Central had constantly been getting updates for the past six months. Music and an online
RPG story were inspired by other sites. The story was rid of at the end of 2002 because of the
upcoming release of Ruby and Sapphire. The music was getting complicated to handle, and was quite
annoying, so that was deleted in April.
Mar 2003
Although Pokemon began to lose its appeal due to lost ideas, our Ruby and Sapphire site was so
popular that it ranked first on Dogpile, 13th on MSN, and 28th on Google for seven months. The rest
of the site was in the top 50 on many search engines. We knew we had to step it up a level.
July 2003
Aug 2003
On August 20th, Nintendo Reviews was born! It started fresh as a new .com website, and we wanted
to dedicate it more to reviews than anything else, hence the name change and the choice of URL.
Sep 2003
The website was completely up and running, and because of the huge impact of Rareware and
Dinosaur Planet, our first review, Star Fox Adventures, was created.
Oct 2003
Plenty more reviews were made, and the website grew by adding first editions of rumors and FAQs
for both Nintendo and Pokemon.
Jan 2004
The website extensively grew since its debut in August 2003, and there was now our own content
ratings for games so that parents have a more clearer idea of game ratings and the ESRB's ratings.
February and part of March were full of no updates because of more server problems. It was finally
fixed in mid-March, and the site undergoes a major layout change which is more dial-up friendly.
Fonts were shrunk because they were too huge and more site sections were made like News Articles,
and Games Index. These accompanied existing sections like Reviews Index, and Reviews Information.
Mar 2004
Another big server problem led to no updates for a month. We isolated the cause, and we haven't had
a problem since then. The rumors sites were deleted, because we began to see that rumors and FAQs
were almost the same thing. They ended up merging into a bigger FAQs site.
May 2004
July 2004
Made a huge update by adjusting all games' scores. This will much better meet the standards for
video game scoring in the future. The reason was because we felt that bad games were getting too
high of scores, and we were getting a lot of comments that our scores were too easy.
May 2005
Introduced audio reviews, allowing visitors the option to listen to the reviews, and get a different side
that wasn't featured in the text review. It it also a more compact version of the review, without
major in-depth details covered-gets to the point.
Our first official subsite was created. It was for the sleeper hit TV series, IGPX (Immortal Grand
Prix). Coverage had nothing to do with Nintendo, and thus marked the site's first outreach to things
besides Nintendo games. Other subsites were named, including Pokemon Central and E3. Those
subsites already existed, just not deemed subsites until March of 2006.
Mar 2006
May 2006
Launched first podcasts, for E3 2006. The podcasts turned out to be so successful that they branched
over to the IGPX subsite, becoming weekly IGPX podcasts. The podcasts also shaped the future of
audio reviews, now becoming MP3 files for download, instead of streaming.
Took a two-week trip to Japan, spanning into July. No major game coverage to report, but purchased
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team for an exclusive hands-on preview.
Jun 2006
Aug 2006
Begun hosting movies for video games from GameTrailers ( This started the
future of videos for this website, and has already become a very popular feature.
What does the future hold here at NReviews? Not sure, but the site is looking very bright entering
its third year. Thanks to all the support!
Dec 2006
Two major strides occurred this month: One is an exclusive interview with Jason DeMarco (creator of
IGPX from Cartoon Network), which showed that the website captured the attention of many. Two is
an exclusive partnership with The Gaming Professor, who now hosts all NReviews articles. The
partnership ties together all from the video gaming world, realizing the vision of this website.
Certainly one of the best months, to wrap up a heck of a year at NReviews!
Jun 2007
Switched from a Nintendo site to a personal blog. It was quite a big change, but was made as a
practical move on my part. I felt that the Nintendo part wasn't building to much, and I realized I can
still provide quality reviews on other sites simply as a user. While I loved what I was doing, I'm
moving on to my life. Moving to a blog has allowed me to push this out of my life while still retaining
all content. Thanks for all the support, and keep your eyes peeled-you never know what other big
subsites I'll add, in the ways of IGPX, that is.