The Nintendo Gamecube Difference
Yes, Nintendo surely is a spectacular company! But what about their systems? They are all fantastic, but
the Nintendo Gamecube everyone is all over. It truly is the best system for this generation. At an insanely
low price of only $100, how can you resist?
As I put it, it isn't the console that makes it great. It is the games for the console. The Nintendo 64 was
a fine piece of work, but although it was cartridge formatted, you'd think that a memory card is useless.
Most games required a memory card, which for Nintendo 64 were expensive. I really enjoyed some exclusive
games like Mickey's Speedway USA, Mario Kart 64, Banjo-Kazooie and especially Super Mario 64, The
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Perfect Dark.
The great thing about GCN (official abbreviation for Nintendo Gamecube) is the quality and quantity of
games. There are enough games genres to satisfy everyone. And I almost broke into tears when I found out
of all the game developers working with Nintendo, like Sega and a new company, Retro Studios Inc.
Now let's talk about the system first.
1. System Information
The Nintendo Gamecube is the best game console ever. A 128-bit masterpiece, this features some of the
best hardware ever including an IBM processor with ATI graphics and this has had a dramatic increase on
sales! A spokesperson from IBM says after selling 10,000,000 copies of Nintendo Gamecube, "As (our)
customers like Nintendo develop increasingly sophisticated systems, the complexity of the chips that power
them grows dramatically." And this is literally the smallest 128-bit system. With a built in handle on the
back, you can easily carry the system back and forth between places. 10's of millions of polygons can be
displayed per second. And of course, unlike PS2, there's 4 controller ports built-in. There is room for
improvement. There are 3 ports on the bottom of the cube for the broadband adapter and the Game Boy
Player. Who knows-maybe the third port will be used for something in the future.
2. Prices
Games are fairly cheap. Newer games will be $50 each. Older games may be as low as $10 factory sealed.
But most are around $40. The Memory Card 251 is a good buy at only $20 per card, but now there's
Memory Card 1019 for only $30. With 1019 Blocks, you can save a nearly infinite amount of stuff.
The controllers are only $20, and with a built-in rumble, you can't go wrong.
The Nintendo Gamecube is currently available in the original color of Indigo, Jet Black and Platinum. It is
$100, as mentioned above. Be sure to shop around to find out which stores are offering free stuff and
other deals if you decide to buy one.
3. Games
It is the games that really get people liking this. There are a variety, like Mario Kart: Double Dash for
racing gamers, Tales of Symphonia for RPG fans, Tetris Worlds for Puzzle masters and much more. Any
Mario fan would like Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Mario Sunshine and Mario Party 4. For adventurers,
try Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, or Star Fox Adventures. There's even first-person shooters: 007:
Nightfire, and Splinter Cell. Or if you are a gamer who likes it all, try Pikmin 2 or Super Monkey Ball 2.
The best games are still to come like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. And whoever said that this
was a kiddie system, needs to play Resident Evil 4.
4. Our opinion
Nintendo has been around for so long and will continue to provide extraordinary gaming experiences. For
those of you who bought Xbox or PS2 over Gamecube, ask yourselves the following questions:
1. How much did you spend? ($150-300 depending on when it was purchased)
2. What exclusive games did you buy? If you are going to say Halo, or Grand Theft Auto series, please! I
can get those for PC if I really wanted it that badly.
3. Does your system really load that fast? If you saw how fast GCN is compared to those, you'd wonder
why Xbox and PS2 are like that.
4. How's the controller? GCN controllers have different size buttons, so it's very easy to figure out where
everything is. I mean, X, circle, square? Come on!

Nintendo Gamecube DOES HAVE all the sports games such as Madden NFL 06, and better on GCN than any
other system (faster load times). But not only is GCN cheaper, you'll find special Player's Choice titles for
only $20 for high-quality games such as Star Wars: Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2, Metroid Prime,
Pikmin, Star Fox Adventures, Animal Crossing and more. And don't forget all the exclusive games; even
games that connect to your Game Boy Advance! There's something for everyone on GCN, and there's no
excuse for buying another system when you can have all the third-party titles as well as some great
exclusive titles all on one system. I mean, like I said above, there's hardly any exclusive titles on other
systems. And Nintendo shouldn't be misjudged as not being a hard-core system. The number of Teen and
Mature rated games are going up, so older players can get cool games too. Resident Evil 4 is a must have
Mature title. And for concerned parents, there are more E-rated games on Nintendo Gamecube than either
Xbox or PS2. Plus don't forget Nintendo-only franchises such as Pokemon, Metroid, Mario, Zelda, Donkey
Kong, F-Zero and more! There's no better time to get the best console, Nintendo Gamecube. Zelda fans
can't go wrong with Twilight Princess being released later this year!
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