Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Player
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Game Boy Advance SP Review
These photos, straight from the official source at Nintendo, display the all new version of Game Boy
Advance titled the Game Boy Advance SP. I still do not know what the SP means. It may mean 'Special
Player' or 'Small Play'. Whatever it may be, this system takes Game Boy Advance to a whole new level.
Now in case you are wondering, this is NOT a new type of Game Boy system. It has the same technicalities
of that of Game Boy Advance. However, this is smaller, more compact and will slide into your pocket more
easily than ever. This is because of the flip-out screen. What makes that so unique, is because it is still
Game Boy Advance, but it looks like a mini-laptop or a PDA. Now that is sweet!
The flip-out screen includes a built-in light so you can now play in the dark or in low-lit areas. And you can
adjust the screen anyway you want without moving the whole system. They've also managed a way to allow
users to have longer-lasting battery power with this versus the Game Boy Advance as long as you do not use
the built-in light that often.
The tightest thing is the play control. The L and R buttons are placed just perfectly that virtually anyone
can find them and situate their fingers accordingly within one second of picking it up. The game pak will go
in the bottom upside-downwards. That means that the only problem might be if a Game Boy Color game has
a Rumble Feature, it will be in front of you and may not feel as 'normal'. Also, Kirby's Tilt and Tumble
does not work because now the game is backwards. That's about all of the bad stuff, though.
It comes in four different colors: Cobalt, Platinum, Flame and Onyx. It's your call if you want to purchase
it. If you already have a Game Boy Advance, you might not want to sell it just so you can have this. If you
don't have a Game Boy Advance, and plan on purchasing one, just decide if you want to spend $100 versus
$70 for a flip-out screen and built-in light. The built-in light is very convenient, though. These are selling
like crazy, and once you flip that light on, you'll see why you won't want to go back to GBA.
Game Boy Player Review
This photo was also taken directly from the
official source at Nintendo. The Game Boy Player
is an added peripheral that plays Game Boy games
on your TV through your Nintendo Gamecube. Now
this was an innovative idea!
How it works is, the accessory is attached to the
bottom of your Nintendo Gamecube through the
High Speed Port. You put your Game Boy game
pak into the Game Boy Player. Then you put in a
separate Game Disc that tells the Nintendo
Gamecube to load the Game Boy Player.
Now what makes this good is, first of all, the
obvious reason, you play it on TV! Second, you use
the Nintendo Gamecube Controller, which I sort
of prefer. Third, it doesn't run on batteries,
saving you money in the long run.
Now another cool thing is multiplayer modes. You
can connect the cable and one person can play on
TV while others play on their Game Boy Advances,
and it still works!
Now here are the downsides. You have to own
Nintendo Gamecube. I do know some people who
only have a Game Boy Advance, and they cannot
take advantage of this since they do not have a
Nintendo Gamecube. The other downside is if you
are playing a multiplayer mode that you don't
want your friend to see what you're doing (like
Pokemon battles) then this isn't good.
Otherwise it is great! It costs only about $50.
You should buy this if you want a Game Boy
Advance, but don't want to spend $70 on a
portable one.
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