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This is the website if you need further information on what to
expect when e-mailing us. Some common questions are also
answered here, so please take a few minutes to read through
this website before you e-mail us.
Security of submitted content

We respect the privacy of our visitors. We don't give or sell your e-mail address to anyone. It is kept safe within
our secure e-mail server. We will never ask for any personal information from you (unless it is required for an
event; see Section 6 of the Privacy Policy), and it is unnecessary for you to send us your name in the body of your
message. If we use your message on our site we will not include your e-mail address. Keep in mind that in
adherance to our policies, and copyright laws, all submissions become a property of NReviews.
Modification of submitted content

If we use your e-mail on our site, we may slightly modify your message for spelling, grammar and clarity. On the
whole, though we will not change the point of your message. Of course, if you check for errors in your message
before you send it, it'll save us time and if it's good overall, there are better chances we'll post it on our websites.
Be concise

Make sure that your message clearly states the point that you're trying to get across. Try to be original when it
comes to questions. If a question is already posted on our site, don't send the same one; it will be ignored. Using
your own words and being creative increases your chances of your message being posted on our site. Don't forget
to properly head the subject line.
Cite your sources

If you are submitting something factual like a release date or new information on a confirmed video game, please
tell me where you found the information. It helps if the information comes from a trusted source such as a major
website. I have a subscription to Nintendo Power, so if you found something in the latest issue but I haven't posted
it, it's probably because I haven't received it yet or just haven't gotten to updating it onto our site.
Direct replies

More recently, I have been replying to many messages sent. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that each
message will be replied to, even though we do read practically all e-mails sent here.
Reading your message

We read messages in the order we receive them and usually see them within a day of when it was sent. However,
we may not get to your particular message for a couple of days after you've sent it. The time it takes to get to
reading your message depends on how many messages we have to read. In case of a lot of e-mails on one
particular day, we may randomly delete some of the messages just so we can get through to others. DO NOT
SEND ATTACHMENTS! Your message will be completely ignored and immediately deleted if you send anything
attached to your message. If you have a photo to show us, then copy a link to that photo.
Send your message to the correct address

Make sure you are sending your message to the right address. Also for some submissions, we may ask you to
head the subject line a certain way so be sure to do that as well. As a general rule, all Pokemon questions should
be sent to the correct address noted at our
Pokemon Center subsite. The same would go with the IGPX subsite.
Why send a message to us

We are much easier to get through to because we don't answer to a lot of people like major websites. And unlike
other websites, we read all submitted e-mail unless there's a lot of messages on that day or if there's an
attachment. You're also supporting other visitors and us by sending e-mail because it really helps the site. We
also keep the e-mailer's information private even if we do post it onto our site. We hope you will continue to enjoy
our sites!
Your understanding of the information on this page is important to us. If you still have questions, send an e-mail to
the address shown below. There is also a website on our
Privacy Policy/Copyright Information; you're question
may be answered there. We will get back to your message ASAP. Thanks.