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May 10th: Nintendo has announced two new game for Gamecube:
Super Paper Mario and DK Bongo Blast. Screenshots to follow.
Also, Super Smash Bros. Brawl has been revealed with shocking
new characters. Listen to our newest podcast for all the details!
E3 2006 Day 1: Podcast #2: May 10th
May 9th: Sega has announced that Sonic Wild Fire will only be
for Wii. This is presumed to be a separate game than the
HD-Sonic game for PS3 and Xbox 360. Content will hopefully
come in tomorrow.
This week we are introducing
something as big as E3: podcasts!
Well, for our site, this is a huge step.
Please listen to the podcasts each day
after E3 for our analysis on what's up!

E3 2006 Day 1: Podcast #2: May 10th
Pre-E3 2006: Podcast #1: May 9th
May 9th: Nintendo's press conference is over! What we know:
-The Wii Remote has a speaker in the middle, which allows for
sounds to emanate during gameplay. The sounds interact with the
sounds on TV to give a 3D sound experience.
-The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be sold in two
versions: One for Wii and one for Gamecube. The Wii version acts
more like a deluxe version, featuring the ability to use the remote
as a fishing rod and to guide through menus. The remote is also
used for the entire game, obviously, but in a conventional way.
-New Wii games announced: Super Mario Galaxy, and Metroid
Prime 3: Corruption among many others.
-Star Fox DS announced.
All content (screenshots and artwork) should be up tomorrow.
For now, please listen to our first podcast ever!
May 8th: PS3 details emerged today. So, they sort of copied
Nintendo's controller. Their controller will have motion-sensing,
so it can detect some movement. However, for those worried, it's
not real-time movement like the Wii's controller. PS3 has also been
announced to launch on November 17th. A console with a 20GB
hard drive is $500, and 60GB hard drive is $600. Pretty
expensive, huh. Will this hurt Sony in the long run? We'll have to
see. Either way, Nintendo has a lot more going for them. Better
games, better controller and most importantly, a better price
point. The exact price point and release date should be announced
tomorrow. Stay tuned!
April 26th: Sega is revealing one new game every day for their
own "Road to E3 2006". They've already revealed two, with 12 to
go. The ones that are relevant to Nintendo will be reported on
here. Today, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz was revealed,
exclusively for Revolution. No screenshots were released, but one
key feature was revealed. Using the controller, you can flick it
upward to allow for a jump move. This will add a whole new
dynamic to the levels, and may be one of the best titles yet
announced! We'll have to see what E3 reveals for this game.
Disclaimer: We are NOT attending
E3 this year, but will gather all info.
E3 2006 Coverage at Nintendo Reviews
E3 2006 is here! The
layout from last year was
so popular, we are
bringing it back this
year, and have coined
this layout exclusively
for E3 coverage! This
year, we started
coverage way early to
allow for news and
content updates the
occur before the main
event. We will be
providing extensive
reports on everything, as
we did last year, as the
news breaks from Also, a
first for our
website-podcasts! As
suddenly as E3 came, we
are creating podcasts
everyday for E3 2006!
It's exclusive to this site,
and we hope you love
them! Thanks for
staying with us, at what
is becoming the best E3
E3 2006 is here! Nintendo still has more to show! Come back every day for podcasts, information and content!