June 4th, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite is coming out in one week!
Nintendo DS Lite features a lot of changes:
-Sleek, new design which is lighter in weight, and
smaller in size.
-Microphone is placed in the center and between
the two screens for easier access.
-The power button has been moved from the top
right corner of the bottom screen. Now you won't
accidentally press it when you don't want to.
-Start and Select buttons have been placed below
the four main buttons, for easier access.
-The two power lights have been placed between
the two screens so you can always see them, even
when the system is closed up.
-The stylus is a little big taller and the point is a
little bit thicker.
-The Game Boy Advance slot now comes with a
flap that you can close over the lot when you aren't
using it.

All these new features for the same great price as
the regular DS, $130! Be sure to get it on June