Blog Transition
Q-Why did you change from your website to a personal blog?
A-My first blog post goes into some details, and I rant a little about the
whole deal, but basically when I discovered blogs, I realized that keeping
an Internet journal or diary, if you will, is more of what I would like to do.
I may have considered getting rid of this site, but then I realized that
doing that would compromise everything I had. While the reviews I
made, I could live without those being online, the IGPX site is too
extensive to get rid of. I still pay a pretty big monthly fee to keep this site
running, so everyone is at my mercy that I keep it going. However,
seeing as I am at the bottom of the pay scale, and can only go up from
here because I'm starting college very soon, I don't see this site going
away for reasons within my control.
Q-What will happen to the pages and links that are currently available?
A-Don't worry. Everything is staying. I guess the only thing you shouldn't
expect to see is updates on these webpages. I am focusing solely on my
blog. However, let me explain how I could go off to make more sites.
Remember how when I got into the TV show "IGPX", I made a site for it?
Notice how it's not Nintendo-related? Well, now I'm doing blog-related
stuff, which means personal stuff. But that doesn't mean that if I get an
impulse to make more real website content that there is anything
stopping me. I've already made one FAQ, and if I really love another
video game, who knows...
This website provides answers as to the transition from Nintendo Reviews as a full Nintendo fansite to just NReviews as
a blog. You can go back to the old Nintendo section by
clicking here, or you can check out the all new NReviews at my
homepage with
my currently-running blog.
Q-Do you still like Nintendo?
A-Yes, I in fact stood in line for 19 hours to be the first one to own a
Nintendo Wii. I still use my Nintendo Wii Console every other day, and I
still have interests in Nintendo stuff. However, that's normal for every
human-to have an interest. See, I have many interests, and now that I'm
in college, I'd rather take the time-consumption of reviewing Nintendo
games for a website and focus on what's going to help me in my life. My
many interests will be covered in my blog. However, if I find the need to
branch out to this site for things like new FAQs or another extensive
fansite like the IGPX one I have, you'll know about it!
Q-I have another question/how can I contact you?
A-Please contact me at