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Age 6+
Posted: June 19th, 2005
By: Webmaster-Josh
The popular line of toy sets introduced by Lego in 2001 came with a Game Boy Advance game also that year. How does this
third-party franchise do on the handheld?

From the very beginning, players are exposed to simple music with only a few notes and little instrumental variety. The
music continues to repeat for the remainder of that level, with no other music anywhere. So for the entire game, there's
like only 8 tunes, each only about 20 seconds long. Wow, that's like 2 and a half minutes of music. The music is also
somewhat quiet, but that is almost a good thing.
I'd say it was a good thing if the sound effects would hold up. The choices are rather bland. You'll get several types of
rocks to throw, but they all make the same chucking sound. Only a couple of enemies actually makes noises, and there's a
lot of enemies. There are a couple of other actions that emit noises, but they are all pretty pointless. Your character
makes the same grunt over and over, and falling down (which will occur a lot) always emits the same noise. The selection
screen makes a 'beeping' noise that is so annoying.
The game doesn't interact with the environment. Instead, it uses the same stuff over again hoping that it all works in the
long run. It doesn't work at all, and you'd probably be better off just keeping the sound turned off.

Don't even get me started on this. Well, I guess I have to. A test I have for any new player is to try to get through the
game falling down less than 100 times. If falling down is your cup of tea, then you might enjoy the control. For the other
99% of us who don't want to spend half of the game falling, we're out of luck. There are so many issues. First off, it can be
hard to tell what is and what is not a tangible surface to jump onto. Second, just about anything and everything is an
obstacle that you can bump into and fall. Third, some platforms are so far apart that if your jump isn't precise, you'll fall.
The game gives you five bars every time you lose a life. Falling takes away half a bar, but if getting hit by an enemy takes
half, then you fall for another half, you are already down one bar. And this is what happens every five seconds that you
play. This isn't a problem that goes away over the course of the game. Instead, it gets worse and pervades the player so
much that it gets very frustrating.
The combat system is also lame. You simply use L or R to use an item. Since some items are non-combative, you may
have to use one of those two buttons just for something else. You'll be constantly opening your inventory just to switch
items. Everything about the controls feel unpolished. It's either too hard or too frustrating to complete stuff. You also get
no help or hints doing anything. If anything else about the game doesn't bother players, the control will. Overall, it's
simply a terrible scheme.

The game uses 2D maps with little 3D animation. It's not bad looking, but there's
a lack of detail first and foremost. In the water area, the water is one solid color.
It's also difficult to tell what you can and cannot interact with. It all looks like
background to a first-time player.
The resolution is somewhat low, and there's no lighting effects. There's also very
little extra things that would make it a special-looking game. Now I won't degrade
it too much, because it really isn't terrible. It's just a below-average effort that is
suitable for this type of game anyway.

There's probably six or seven areas you visit. Each area takes an hour or less, and that's mostly because half of the time
you're falling down. So that's about 5 hours of actual gameplay. There are several mini-games, but they last only a couple
minutes at most and to play with somebody else, everyone will need a game pak. That's all I have to say. 5 hours just
doesn't cut it by any measure and for any console. Collecting the extra items is super boring, of course, but it can add
another hour or two. I can't see anyone playing this twice through, and when looked at as a whole this really is a small

This is a game that can't really fall into one genre definitely. This is a game that has a mixture of boring game skills put to
use. This is a game that has been debated on whether or not the game even has a subtitle called "Quest for the Toa". The
game is so bad at helping you that players don't even know half the time where they are, what they need to do and later on
what still has to be done. Not only are the villagers of no help to you at all, they talk about things that really make no
sense or are completely irrelevant.
Players really get no help at all. I have never played a game where I had to figure out everything, even just how to play.
How do we know what all these new items do if all we see is a picture of it? Do the items even have names? Of course, the
developers know what the items do-they made the game! Don't they know that we, as players, have no idea what's going
on and have no idea how to use these items? It makes me wonder is this game was even tested before it was released.
There are so many glitches and errors and it's also frustratingly difficult. These don't add up to any amount of fun. I
actually had fun playing some really bad games in the past. Let's get something straight-this entire game is boring.
Nothing you do from beginning to end is fun. Not one puzzle. Not one fight. Nothing. This is horribly designed and players
will be left feeling like this game isn't even complete. Overall, the design is horrendously bad.





Final Words

I thought the entire time playing this game that this was the worst game I have ever played. Well, I didn't think that
would actually be true. Scooby-Doo: Classic Creep Capers has held that record for over four years. That's until today.
After thinking very hard, I realized I wasn't exaggerating when I scored this. This is a terrible game. I want to point out
that I have reviewed several games where I stated that parts of the game had potential. This game does not. If they truly
wanted to make a better game, at least average-worthy, they needed to start with a better design idea. Throwing rocks and
falling down is not my idea of a fun game, and I'm sure most would agree. Stay far away from this game.