Nintendo WiiMote
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Wii is the official name of the console, code named Revolution. (See our
exclusive news article on the name.) To the right is the controller that Wii
will utilize. As you can tell, it's wireless. Players will gain an amazing
amount of control with sensors that tell the system's relative movement by
the controller in all directions.
Let's say you were flying an airplane and tilted the controller left, so that
the controller would be diagonal on the y-axis (if that makes sense). That
means the plane would tilt left. What if you rotate the controller 45 degrees
to the left? Then the plane would slowly turn left until you stop tilting the
controller. Many of the kinks have to be worked out and will vary by game,
but this gives a general idea of what it does.
The look of the controller is that of a remote control. The president of
Nintendo, Satoru Iwata mentioned in the address in which the controller
was revealed that people will feel more comfortable picking up a remote
than a conventional controller.
By the way, it is unknown what the battery life is, and what is used as
batteries. It is theorized that the expansion slot on the bottom of the
controller will be used when charging the battery.
The controller will have a rumble feature. This makes many wonder if the
new controller will allow older N64 games or even older games to utilize the
rumble feature. Furthermore, how will gamers be able to play Gamecube
games that use the C stick? Nintendo has confirmed back at E3 that the
system will have four ports for GCN controllers.
Why did Nintendo do this? I mean, this is a very drastic switch. Nintendo
wanted to innovate, and I believe this will. Games will be able to do so
many more things with this controller, and I'm curious to see how this goes
and whether any companies will copy this now or in the future. Microsoft
and Sony seem pretty happy with their controllers, and they will have
some competition when it comes to using it effectively. Nintendo really has
something going for them now.
Shooting games will be incredible on Wii. Many PC gamers will tell you
that playing FPS games on PC feels better because they have a mouse. A
computer mouse does have dynamic control, and it's this idea that makes
the Wii controller so capable.
Let these photos sink in. I think the awkwardness of this new controller
will fade when you really think about all the stuff that can be done with
this new style.