Let's face it-we've been dying for this game to be released. And in less than 10 days, we will be able to do that. But what
makes us so eager, and what is feeding our anticipation? Certainly not the screenshots, which have purposefully not been
plentiful. It might just be the premise-the premise we've known for years now. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is
the realistic-looking Zelda game we've been waiting for...or is it? To say the least, I am not impressed with the graphics.
The lighting effects are top notch, but that's about it. The opening of the game had some textures which looked generic.
You may come back and say I have no right to judge the graphics based on the opening, but that applies to everyone. Even
all you people spoiling yourselves with videos of the first two dungeons online won't find an exact replica of what we will
see on our TVs come November 19th. Internet videos are like that. We won't really know the graphics until we play it four
ourselves. So I'll save any further arguments until then. I have ordered Twilight Princess and may receive it before
launch, but will likely receive it after launch (due to shipping times). Expect my impressions for the rest of the game on
the Wiikly podcast following the launch of the Wii.
That would make for a short preview, but there's not much more I can say. That's probably a good thing-I'd rather play
the game without pretenses. I haven't watched any videos, and don't intend to. I also have to feel the control to gain an
understanding for how it works with the game. For starters, I have ordered the Wii version. Does it matter which version
you buy? Well, let's put it this way-if you're going to get the Wii, just get the Wii version. They are the same price (as far
as I know), and the Wii version will have better graphics and most likely a more appropriate control scheme. It almost
makes you wonder why they made a GCN version. If you're not getting the Wii until Christmas, perhaps rent the GCN
version. Though you won't be able to transfer game saves, at least you'll get a feel for the game on the GCN version. Then
get the Wii version and be amazed (hopefully).
Bottom line, this is Zelda-there's no reason not to pick it up this holiday season. Hopefully, this will live up to everything
promised. Who knows; it may just be the best Zelda game ever!
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