More Screenshots from 2005
Depressing news just revealed is that this game has been delayed to 2006. Originally confirmed to be a November 2005
release, Nintendo wants to push the game into it's next fiscal year, which begins on April 1st, 2006. That means an April
2006 release date is expected. The reason for this delay could be twofold, but the confirmed reason is simply because the
developers want more time to really develop the game with a lot more depth then originally planned. The other
unconfirmed reason is to compete with upcoming consoles and titles. It will still be on Nintendo Gamecube, as the new
Nintendo system isn't expected until later that year. To hopefully hold us off until then, Nintendo has released seven new
screenshots. If this is what's in store, then this will be worth the wait.
Could this be a new Lake Hylia?
Whatever it is, it sure looks great!
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