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This is the Star Fox
Adventures Game Help Page
Okay, so you beat Star Fox Adventures right? It wasn't too hard. But did you get all of the cheat tokens? There are eight
cheat tokens. Each one contains either a cheat to make your experience better, or a message from Fox's future. I'm not
telling you what cheat you'll unlock though. You'll have to get the tokens and drop them in the Game Well Maze yourself
to see what they unveil. And these are worth getting, especially the messages. If you want to find them for yourself, then
don't read this page. With that said, I'll begin with the cheat tokens!
(For each one, remember that you'll need at least 20 Scarabs with you to get the token. Once you have a token, you can
drop them in a well deep inside the Game Well Maze, which is below the WarpStone. Once you find your way through the
maze and to the well, drop each token one at a time to activate a cheat or read a secret message. IMPORTANT: Although
actual cheats stay on your Memory Card, the messages from four of the cheat tokens can only be read once. If you want to
read them again, you'll have to start your game over. You may want to write each one down before you get done.)
Cheat Token 1.
Location: ThornTail Store
How to get it: This is by far the easiest to get. Once you enter the store, the well for the token is right next to Shabunga,
the lizard guy.

Cheat Token 2.
Location: Ice Mountain
How to get it: This is a small area, so again this is easy to get. Near the SharpClaw who is operating a cannon, there is a
Bomb Spore patch. Plant a Bomb Spore there, then shoot at it to make an opening in the wall revealing a well with another
cheat token.

Cheat Token 3.
Location: SnowHorn Wastes
How to get it: After unlocking the gate where Garunda Te (the DarkIce Mines GateKeeper) is, swim down the river all the
way. Fox will take damage by the cold temperature, but if you swim with the river, the current will push you, so you won't
inflict as much damage. At the end of the river is a low area where the well lies

Cheat Token 4.
Location: Moon Mountain Pass
How to get it: This one is a bit tough to explain. Get to the part close to the second Krazoa Shrine. Before you reach it, to
the left is a MoonSeed patch. Plant a MoonSeed there, and have Tricky use his Flame Command to make a plant grow into
a ladder which brings you to another well with a cheat token.

Cheat Token 5.
Location: Volcano Force Point Temple
How to get it: Way later in the game, once you have the third SpellStone, go back to the Volcano Force Point Temple. Do
not go inside the temple, but when you go over the bridge and face the temple doors, turn left and climb down to a secret
path. You must plant another MoonSeed at a patch. Doing so will give you access to a cheat token well. Before you go here,
make sure that you have a MoonSeed.

Cheat Token 6.
Location: LightFoot Village
How to get it: This one is probably the toughest to get. Go back to the village after becoming an honorary member of the
tribe. Watch carefully as a LightFoot baby will hit three trees in a particular order. Whenever you repeat that order you'll
open the gate to get inside the village. There will be three LightFoot parents high up in houses. Find the one who says her
babies like to play underground. Then go back to the chamber where the third Krazoa Shrine is. On the wooden path, you
should see three LightFoot babies. Chase them into the bluish light, and then find that parent again. As a reward, she will
reveal a Staff Booster Pad near the exit to the village. Use you Staff Booster to get up on a ledge. Then walk a long way
until you find the well. Also in this area are some extra bonuses. If you want, you can talk to the other parents and find
their babies in return for more rewards.

Cheat Token 7.
Location: Cape Claw
How to get it: After you have the Portal Device, go into a cave and use it to reveal a path leading to a SharpClaw cannon.
With this cannon you can do three things. You can blast open a path to the Ocean Force Point Temple for placing the
fourth SpellStone. There's even a big rock you can blast open for a Staff Upgrade. But the last thing you can do is blast a
path leading to the well. With the cannon, find the wooden path that stands high above ground. This is to the left of the
Ocean Force Point Temple when facing it. Below that path is a rock wall with a crack in it. Use the cannonballs to blast the
wall that hides a cheat token. But to get a cannonball to it, you'll need very good aim.

Cheat Token 8.
Location: Ocean Force Point Temple
How to get it: The final cheat token is not too hard. Enter the temple and get past the electrical switch part. Then to the
right is a small lake. There is a path from the lake that you may have seen before. Make sure you have the Portal Device
to open a portal that leads to the final well and the last cheat token!