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Sonic Heroes was first announced back in May during the E3 Exposition. Back then Sonic Heroes was still being developed
and was only a prototype. We recently got some new impressions and we must say-we are impressed. The developers are
nearly done with the English version and should be on the market in early January. How are we impressed? How does
complete English audio work sound? They have amazed us at how fast they can produce a game. Does this mean Sonic
Heroes will be an amazing game overall? No. But we can say that it looks very promising. Although this time it isn't
exclusive to GCN, we expect great heights from this game.
Multiplayer modes are looking exciting and funny while the single-player mode still looks a little cheesy. Still, it appears
to have elements of the old Sonic games for Sega Genesis. We expect Sonic Heroes for Nintendo Gamecube to be the start
of a great new series! We hope that Sonic continues on future consoles, but it all starts here. If this goes well, the Sonic
Heroes will most likely see a sequel on the next generation consoles. The wait is almost over for Sonic Heroes. Save your
Christmas money for this one!