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We just can't wait for this release! Star Wars: Rebel Strike: Rogue Squadron 3: continues the saga of the hit series Rogue
Squadron. Beginning on the Nintendo 64, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron was the first N64 game to use the Expansion Pak.
No wonder, the graphics are gorgeous! Even without this peripheral, the graphics still look pretty sweet. The story took
place between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. With 16 main missions, 3 bonus missions and a special AT-ST
level, there are 20 missions! Pretty much all of them took place on the ground, but there were plenty of Ties to fight. The
reason it was so much fun was because, you could know where every enemy was, so getting medals were a lot easier.
Then Nintendo Gamecube debuted with Star Wars: Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2. Hence the name, now you could
control your other wingmen, indirectly, by giving them orders. This makes the game more interesting, because you have
to decide which command is appropriate at that time. There are 10 main missions and 5 bonus missions, totaling to 15
missions. But earning medals is much harder than its N64 predecessor. Now a new requirement was added: Lives Lost. Not
only do you have to beat it under certain requirements, now you must do it without losing lives. The game took place
during the time of all three movies, except most of the missions you don't see in the movies, so the feel of each mission is
original. The arcade feel of Rogue Squadron for N64 was mainly taken away, but that's a good thing. This is still the best
GCN game out right now!
With all that said, now we'll focus on Rogue Squadron 3. What's different? Well, according to the developers, there's a
new graphics system. This makes the game's graphics look slightly better than Rogue Leader's, but hey-Rogue Leader's
graphics are already top-notch so this must be an advanced version of already great graphics. The reason for the change is
to make it blend with the real movie cutscenes well, and so that the multiplayer modes would function properly.
Let me say this: the replay value is HUGE! There are two single-player campaigns-one follows Luke Skywalker, the other
follows Wedge Antilles. There's a lot of new levels right there. Next, there's a cooperative two-player mode that covers all
the main missions from Rogue Leader, and even three bonus missions; that's 13 levels right there! And lastly there's a
two-player versus mode. There's dogfights, tag and defend games, rampage wars and even races! Plus add all the
unlockables like player crafts and bonus missions, an expanded training level...geez, there's almost too much to do!
This will be an extraordinary experience. Even if your not a Star Wars fan, this will be a must-have. I cannot say this for
the record, but this will probably be the highest-scored game for GCN! The game hits stores on October 23rd, and is sure
to blow you away, or should I say, suck you into the Star Wars universe unlike any other game!