Rareware Gone to Microsoft
The information posted here was created in
2002, thus, some of it is outdated.
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Written by Josh
Well, it is official that Microsoft has purchased Rareware. That means that all future Rareware games including Kameo:
Elements of Power will be released for the Xbox. Yes, it's quite a bummer.
You see, Microsoft is actually losing profit on each Xbox they sell. So they desperately need money on their games,
which are not selling good to begin with. Bill Gates does not want to give up on the Xbox so easily, so he's spending
hard-earned money in hopes of 'buying' a better future with the Xbox. And for $375 million dollars, Rareware had
nothing to lose, except maybe the faith of valued customers like me. After the poor sales from Rareware games last
year, Nintendo gave up on Rare and quote the sale makes 'little if any difference to us'.

Was this a potentially bad decision? Not for Rare. In fact, Rareware seriously has nothing to lose because all the games
they were going to develop for Gamecube, they can now develop for Xbox, with some extra money. Honestly, If I owned
Rare, I would probably do the same thing.

Rareware just released Star Fox Adventures for Nintendo Gamecube, which will be the only game they release for GCN.
There are still three games that Rare will release for Game Boy Advance, but any future games will be made for the
Xbox. It is a real shame to lose Rare so suddenly, but they are still here. Just not for Nintendo gamers.

Nintendo has been making loads of excess money from Nintendo Gamecube developers. Although Rare 'saved'
Nintendo 64 sales dramatically, now that many other developers are working with Nintendo, they said it is time just to let
go of some companies. They even said the money they make will be used to seek out even more developers for
Nintendo Gamecube, which may be good in the long run.

Now about this website. I am keeping the Rareware Reviews site up at least until January 1st, 2003. Sometime in 2003,
Rareware will begin releasing games for Xbox, which is when I will delete this site. Although I will always appreciate Rare
and their works, I do not feel like promoting them if they are owned by Microsoft, and besides the fact is that I only review
Nintendo games in the first place. I apologize in advance to any of those who wanted quality reviews from me for
upcoming Rare games, but if it is not on a Nintendo system, I cannot review it.

Now, there is some good out of this. For me, it is less space on my website, so that means more reviews will be added
due to lots more room. Also, since I buy most of my games, now I can spend my money on another game instead of a
Rareware game. But if I had the choice, I'd choose a Rareware game first. And for everyone else, it may be good for you
in some ways because of new companies that create games for other systems are now creating games for Nintendo
Gamecube like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games. Who knows? Maybe we'll even see Grand Theft Auto games for
Nintendo Gamecube in the future...

And the last good thing is hope. Maybe if Xbox goes out of business in a few years, Nintendo will be able to acquire Rare
again. And plus, if you are disgusted about Rare leaving, you may be happy to know that now we can make fun of them.
Although some of you are serious about Rare, if you go to their website, now with a Microsoft theme, you'll see that
some of their games aren't looking as good as they may have been on Nintendo systems. That's all I can say. If you own
Xbox, you're lucky. I don't and since I got my Gamecube, I won't. The day they make Xbox 2 (considering they ever will)
is the day I consider buying it, but for now, I'm sticking with Nintendo.