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135 new Pokemon plus 65 returning ones.
4-player options requiring a Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald version for each player.
Compatible with upcoming FireRed, LeafGreen and Pokemon Colosseum (GCN).
Compatible with e-reader.
New save feature prevents accidental erased games/glitches

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"Glitch in your Pokemon's food?" Created on April 9th, 2004
I don't know why I waited this long to put this issue on this site. This minor glitch involves your game's berries not
growing after about one year of playing the game. Erasing the game will not help this glitch, so you'll probably
want it fixed! There are ways to fix the glitch, and Nintendo has provided so many that almost everyone will have
some way of fixing it. The easy way is by uploading you Pokemon onto Pokemon Colosseum. This will
automatically fix the berry glitch once you utilize this feature. Another way is to download Jirachi from the bonus
disc. These both require a GCN/GBA link cable. You can go to any Game Stop or Electronics Boutique in the
USA and thee should be a booth that fixes your game there for free. Also Nintendo says if you come with your
game pak having only 5 Pokemon in your party, the you'll receive a special gift. The last two ways involve
Nintendo. You can go to an authorized repair center to get it fixed, or send it to Nintendo. Either route, you'll want
to check with
nintendo.com for more details on those options. If this glitch wasn't real, the why would Nintendo
offer so many free options? Be sure to utilize these options while they are available.
"Sharing the Eon Ticket." created on December 17th, 2003.
Did you miss out on receiving an Eon Ticket? You can still get one! Although you may not be able to get a hard
copy, you can get a copy transferred directly to your game-no e-reader required! Simply mix records with
somebody who scanned the Eon Ticket first-hand into their game pak. If you have beaten the Elite Four, then
you'll also receive the Eon Ticket while mixing records. I think the game informs you of that, so terminate the link
and head over to the Petalburg Gym. Talk to Norman who should be at the front of the gym now. Talk to him to
get it. Now head on over to Lilycove City. Locate the port where ships leave the city. There will be a lady inside.
Before speaking to her, prepare your team for catching either Latios or Latias, depending on which version you
have. Talk to her to go to Southern Island. DO NOT SAVE ON THE ISLAND! If you fail to catch it, simply
restart your game back to where you saved. Since you can only visit the island once, don't save there! Please
address any questions regarding the Eon Ticket to: