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Age 6+
Playing in a brand new world can become quite confusing, and with 135 new Pokemon, you'll want to know a lot!
Fortunately, I have provided some answers to frequently asked questions. Check it out!
Question: What Pokemon do you need to show the old man in order to see Mirage Island?
Answer: Getting Mirage Island is the absolute hardest thing to do in the game. You just have to show the man the first
Pokemon in your party. The man I'm referring to is the man in the southeast corner or Pacifidlog Town. Try every
Pokemon you have every day. Since you don't know which Pokemon he wants, it's almost impossible. Very, and I mean
very, few people have ever gone to Mirage Island. The major importance is the Leichi Berry, only found here! There's also
some Wynaut, but that's not significant.
Question: Is it possible to raise the Abandoned Ship?
Answer: What are you going to use, a crane? No, whoever told you it is possible to raise this ship is wrong.
Question: Does something happen when you log a certain amount of hours into your game?
Answer: No, so stop wasting your life trying to log in 999 hours!
Question: What's the purpose of the paintings made after you win a Master Rank contest?
Answer: Just for decoration. Hey, the second floor of the Art Museum really needs it!
Question: Is it possible to see a person I have mixed records with in Pokemon contests?
Answer: This is a good question, but the answer is no. You can however see a picture of that person's winning Pokemon on
the wall sometimes in your own game pak!
Question: Can Pokemon with mail be traded?
Answer: Of course! I mean what good is a message you write if nobody else sees it. It's something you can attach to a
Pokemon when you trade it so you can send a short message to a friend. It could be a nice surprise for them.
Question: Why can't you buy Pokemon at the Game Corner anymore?
Answer: People probably thought that was a little weird. Besides, in the older versions the Game Corner was run by Team
Rocket, so who knows where those Pokemon have been! Of course, that was the only way to get Porygon. In fact, in the
newer versions, it's still the only way to get Porygon!
Question: My friend has a Gold Trainer Card, but I have a Bronze Trainer Card. How can I get a Gold Trainer Card?
Answer: Players start out with a regular Trainer Card. You can get upgrades to Bronze, Copper, Silver and Gold in that
order. There are four significant accomplishments that you need to do in order to get these. It doesn't matter in which
order you do these four things.
1. Beat the Elite Four (only once; this is in our opinion the easiest to complete.)
2. Beat 100 trainers in the Battle Tower (or 50, not quite sure.)
3. Win all five Pokemon Contests in the Master Rank (requires you beating the easier ranks first.)
4. Obtain Pokedex data on 200 Pokemon (Jirachi and Gold/Silver version Pokemon is not required, nor does it count.)
Question: How many Pokemon can you hold in the PC?
Answer: There are 14 boxes, 30 Pokemon in each. Do the math, and there's 420 available slots in all!
Question: What's the deal with the Trick House?
Answer: The Trick House is mysterious, but also rewarding. Every time you beat the Trick House, you'll win something
good. You need to have two badges to begin the first one. On each of your next visits, make sure you've collected another
badge. There are eight different puzzles. The last one, he'll reward you with an item that differs depending on which
version you have. You'll see what it is when you get it.
Question: What's the limit to the amount of Pokeblocks you can hold at once?
Answer: You can hold up to 40 at a time. That's quite a lot of room, actually.
Question: Do the Elite Four become harder each time you challenge them?
Answer: No, their Pokemon levels always stay the same.
Question: Is it possible to see May and fight her again out in the field after beating the Elite Four?
Answer: Probably not, because we've never seen her out in the field. She'll be at her house to stay.
Question: Who wrote the music for these games?
Answer: I cannot recall. I think it is Junichi Masuda. Beat the Elite Four and watch the credits to find out.
Question: How many times do you have to beat certain trainers to get items from them as rewards?
Answer: If you beat some trainers five times, then they'll reward you with special items. Some of those trainers names'
include Dragon Tamer Nicolas, Bug Maniac Brandon, etc.
Question: How do I know, before talking to trainers once I've beat them once, if they'll battle with me?
Answer: Use your Pokenav to know which routes have trainers who will battle you again. Some routes have more than
one, so be ready to battle when you talk to someone. Using a Player's Guide or just remembering is a good way to know
who is who on each route. It is worth battling trainers again to get more experience and because some of their Pokemon
will have special items after beating them five times!
Question: Which Pokemon evolve through trade in these versions?
Answer: Some evolve through trade on thier own like Kadabra. Others like Clamperl evolve with held items during the
trade. Use the official Player's Guide or ask a friend for more of these special evoultions!
Question: Is there any surefire way to win the Lilycove Loto Ticket Drawing?
Answer: There is no 'cheat' or 'code' to win, but you can significantly increase your odds of winning by trading with lots of
different people. This gives you Pokemon with different ID numbers, which is how the Loto Ticket Drawing winners are
determined. Keep trading to become a winner!
Question: How do certain shows appear on TVs (like Bravo Trainer)?
Answer: There are two different ways for certain shows to appear. One is to complete certain events and there's a chance
that it will turn into a certain TV show. Some you can make by answering interview questions, but others are just by luck.
The second way to see these shows is by mixing records with friends. You may be able to see shows even they couldn't see.
With more people mixing records, you'll see more TV shows. Mixing records allows for many events to come. A good idea
is to not watch your flashing TV shows-save it for after mixing records, because if you watch a show that you wanted your
friends to see, they probably won't see it. After mixing records, check to see what shows are on, and be prepared to hear
about the friends that you just mixed records with.
Question: Where can I catch a Grimer?
Answer: Many people don't know how to get Grimer in Ruby/Sapphire versions because they haven't seen it and their
Pokedex can't show them where Grimer is if they haven't seen one yet. So to answer this, Grimer is located on the Fiery
Path. This is near Lavaridge Town. There are few Grimer in Ruby versions, and some in Sapphire versions. People who
play Sapphire are a bit luckier because they are more common than in Pokemon Ruby. You can also get one through
breeding an egg with either Grimer or Muk. You cannot catch a Muk, though, so it's probably easier to just find one and
catch it.
Question: What's a Zangoose, and where can I get one?
Answer: Zangoose doesn't have a pre-evolved form, so you'll just have to find it in the wild or through breeding. Zangoose
is only found in Ruby on Route 114 near Fallarbor Town. Although it doesn't learn too many moves by itself, it can learn a
handful of TMs. Its ability, Immunity, prevents it from becoming Poisoned, an excellent ability if your battle partners
don't know about it.
Question: How do I get a Premier Ball?
Answer: Buy 10 Pokeballs at once to receive a free Premier Ball. It has the same effect as the Pokeball, but has a more
appealing design. If you buy more than 10 (like 20 or 30), you'll still only get one.
Question: How many spaces are there in your PC to store mail?
Answer: Quite a lot, but I've never sent or received mail, so I am not exactly sure. Thanks for the idea, though!
Question: Where can I get mail to write to friends?
Answer: You can buy mail to write messages to friends who trade with you. Write it and attach it to a Pokemon that
you're going to trade. You can buy mail in almost every city, and in the Trick House.
Question: How do you catch Girafarig?
Answer: Very carefully. No pun intended because you do have to be very careful. Go to the Safari Zone, east of Lilycove
City and pay the 500 dollar entrance fee. Girafarig is located near the entrance of the Safari Zone. Once you find it, be
sure to carefully choose how you'll catch it because it can get startled and run easily. Girafarig aren't too hard to find.
Question: Where is the Pokemon Feebas?
Answer: Feebas is on Route 119. It is very rare, as it is in only one part of the water out of the six places to fish on this
route. This is the route to the east of Fortree City. The catchy phrase in Dewford Town affects where it is. Once you find
one, don't let it get away!
Question: Is the Game Corner really 'luckier' on Service Days?
Answer: Some say that on these random occasions, you can get very lucky and win more coins. Others say it is just a way
for the Game Corner to get more money. Nevertheless, there is one noticeable change. One of the roulette tables has a
rate of six coins. It is a little expensive, but keep in mind that if you win, you'll win a lot!