Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen were
developed by Game
Freak/CREATURES and published
by Nintendo. Below are links to the
official Pokemon websites.
Game Freak
Nintendo of America
Nintendo Reviews Rating:
Age 6+
Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen took me by surprise when it was announced, and unfortunately the release date did not
surprise me. Well, time has passed, and sure enough it is time to preview another game. This is the title that most of us at
Nintendo Reviews have considered to be the most anticipated GBA title this year. I'm still waiting for Star Fox for
Nintendo Gamecube. I loved the old Pokemon versions, and you can ask almost anyone and they will still admit that they
used to like Pokemon when there were only 150 of them. For those who want to relive the past and own those 150 again,
this is for you. This is the way Pokemon Red and Blue were meant to be.
Pokemon Green from Japan is exactly the same as our Pokemon Blue, so the only difference is the color. The differences
between the old and new versions can be read via the article link above. The compatibility with Ruby, Sapphire and
Emerald versions and Pokemon Colosseum allows for more than just 150. In fact, it allows you to have all 382 Pokemon in
the game. The possibilities for battling and how you decide to train are nearly endless. For those who just want the 150
don't have to buy the other versions. This way, in their world, they can still be satisfied with the Pokemon in this version.
The developers of the game wants to start the Pokemon universe over, per se. The older versions are not compatible with
these at all, for obvious technology reasons. Many complained and wondered about getting all the Pokemon that weren't in
the new Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire versions. Now the answer has come. Pokemon Colosseum has allowed us the first step by
having the second generation Pokemon from Gold/Silver versions. The final step is these versions. If we pretend that Red
and Blue versions never existed, than we can forget about the changing of Blue version to Green.
Now we can focus on the present state of Pokemon, which is finally looking good. I would be satisfied with these games
even without the updates; just knowing we can finally get all the Pokemon makes me happy. I expected the graphical
updates for the least. The fact that they added so much more is what makes me happy about the slightly higher price. The
versions also include a wireless adapter, so nobody gets left behind in the fun new Union Room addition.
The Union Room allows 40 people with a close range to walk around, chat, battle and trade. It is quite amazing, and sort of
a glimpse of the future of gaming with Nintendo DS wireless capabilities. This feature may not appeal to all, but it truly is
a revolution and should definitely add an aspect of multiplayer gaming for years to come. It will be more common to see
stores with this kind of events where people link up and play. I've seen few stores do this with Pokemon versions, and the
events are usually boring as only four can play at once, and everyone is expected to bring a link cable. Well now, 40 people
from around the area will be able to participate in events like this; hopefully Nintendo will be sponsoring some themselves.
The fact that they are able to add this feature and so much more stuff is staggering! There will now be nine new islands
that hold new Pokemon and places never seen before. There's also new mini-games. Kanto won't seem as small now. You
still can't visit Johto, but you won't need to or want to. Simply put, these games give you plenty of reasons to start liking
the series again. I can only imagine where other series are going, but I feel that Pokemon will still be around for a long
time. This game brings back so many memories, and that alone is good enough for me.