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Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen is coming to America on September 7th! This is quite
a long time away, but we've already got a news article! Keep checking back,
because we will have a preview of the game in August!
Relive a classic game now in full color and with improved GBA-style graphics.
Complete compatibility with Pokemon Colosseum, and Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.
Includes a wireless adapter; up to 40 players may link up using this. Wireless
Adapter capabilities include chat rooms, trades, and trainer battles.
Catch all the old 150 Pokemon, plus this version is able to have the new Pokemon.
New mini-games and nine islands add to the already huge replay value.

Be sure to read the news articles!
"Pre-Order Offer still going" Created on August 13th, 2004
For two weeks, Pokemon fans have been able to reserve a copy of either FireRed or LeafGreen version and
receive a free pocket trainer's guide instantly! You can still get in on this offer for a couple more weeks, but
supplies won't last forever, so get to your local game retailer today! (Reserve requires a $5 deposit, which is
toward the purchase of the game. Retailers set their own price, but we have found $35 to be the price at most.)
"Pre-Order Offer/2005 President: August is the month" Created on June 18th, 2004
In North America, beginning on August 1st, you can place a deposit down for either Pokemon FireRed or
Pokemon LeafGreen, you'll receive a free Pocket Guide. This exclusive guide is suppose to contain information
regarding the game. I don't expect it to be a Player's Guide, but maybe it does reveal some strategies. The great
thing is that on the same day, the elections for our 2005 FAQs Pokemon President will begin. By voting for a
Pokemon, you also have the oppurtunity to enter a contest to win a free Eon Ticket! This will indeed be an
exciting month for POkemon fans, as we will also be releasing a preview of these games as well as more
information! Be sure to continue checking back here.