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You're at Scizor's pad to answer those tough Pokemon questions that
you've sent! Read below for the latest questions that have come across
Pokemon fans' minds this past month. The answers are accompanied
alongside the question. This page is current as of May 31st, 2006, and
will NOT be updated ever again.
Question: Is Pokemon Diamond/Pearl being released this year (2006)?
Answer: No, it will be released in 2007.
Question: Is Pokemon Emerald compatible with the wireless adapter?
Answer: Yes. It will be compatible with all Pokemon games, including future ones.
Question: How can I get Gonbe? Do I have to breed Snorlax?
Answer: Okay, for those who don't know, there's a new Pokemon named Gonbe. This is one of those Pokemon
like Togepi-introduced to us early, but not in any game. We should expect Gonbe to appear in a new Pokemon
version in the future. Gonbe cannot be currently bred at all.
Question: Gold and Silver versions introduced us to breeding, but Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow versions didn't
have two dare-care people, so breeding was not possible. Is there two day-care people in the remakes?
Answer: Yes, there will be two day-care people. Breeding is possible in the new versions.
Question: Does Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen work with battle e-cards?
Answer: No
Question: Can you catch Mew or Celebi in Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen?
Answer: No, they are still promotions. Did you really think it would be that easy to get rare Pokemon?
Question: Why are Pokemon Centers free of charge? Potions, and restore items are not.
Answer: Items obviously cost money because they are portable, and Pokemon Centers may not always be
convenient when you need to heal a Pokemon when you're outside of a town. Now, medical treatment in our lives
aren't free, but we can still logically answer why Pokemon Centers are. The residents of a town have to pay taxes,
and a little bit of that tax money goes to paying for the cost of running the facility. The government of the country
of Hoenn also supports Pokemon Centers. How does the government get money? Taxpayers, of course.
Question: How can I go inside Game Corner and play slots if I'm not really old enough?
Answer: If you mean that the playable character in the game isn't old enough, that's not true. For some reason, in
Pokemon games, you are allowed to play slots, even at a younger age. This is certainly not true in our world. Of
course, you shouldn't spend too much time (or money) there, until you can really 'afford' it.
Question: If fake copies of Pokemon games are bad, why are so many being sold?
Answer: Because foolish people are buying them. Since you have to be 18 or over to use eBay, I'm assuming that
parents are trying to buy this for their kids, not realizing that they are fake.
Question: What is Deoryx?
Answer: I think you mean Deoxys. This is the second of the two legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
versions, but can only be found in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen!
Question: Is there a rainbow island in Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen versions?
Answer: Our Pokemon expert says that there is an item called Rainbow Pass. This may lead to a rainbow island,
but we can't know for sure. Deoxys is supposedly found on a new island, but it may not be a rainbow island.
Question: Can I get the Eon Ticket any other way than by scanning through E-reader?
Answer: Yes! Simply mix records with somebody who has done this to get the Eon Ticket directly from them. The
person you mix records with must have the original Eon Ticket, NOT a copy like the one you are trying to get. If
you need more information, check out the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Homepage.
Question: What are the new battle e-cards like?
Answer: They are really cool! Seriously, this expands the replay value of Ruby and Sapphire. You can battle all
new trainers and receive exclusive new berries that weren't even known to exist. Just get an e-reader, two GBAs
and a link cable to upload it into your game. Be sure to check and for further
details, and maybe find out where you can get them.
Question: FireRed and LeafGreen versions features a girl playable character, right?
Answer: Yes. This is another perk of these updated versions!
Question: Why was Scizor chosen to run this Pokemon site?
Answer: This was a choice that we made before creating these sites just to spruce up the site. Because a lot of
people want different Pokemon to be in charge on each site, we will be putting a poll so you can vote on which
Pokemon character you'd like to be in charge instead of Scizor.
Question: Minun and Plusle can be breeded to make Minle, right?
Answer: Unfortunately, one feature they "forgot" to leave out of Pokemon games was "Create-A-Pokemon".
Question: Don't Latios and Latias hold the key to catching Jirachi?
Answer: Jirachi is only obtainable through the Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc.
NOTE: This page will no longer be updated as of December 2006. The entire Pokemon Central website is no longer being
updated, and is shutting down completely. See the
Pokemon Central site for more information. There is also a help site for
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