Pikmin 2 was developed by Nintendo
Co. LTD and published by Nintendo.
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Nintendo Co. LTD
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Age 8+
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Pikmin 2 has been on the minds of thousands of fans for over a year. The game will finally be released in only one month!
Pikmin, the original classic, didn't score very high, but 8.4/10 is still great. The innovation of Pikmin is something we
cannot expect too much of. I really don't think the new Pikmin are that creative. What does interest me is all the new
puzzles we will have to overcome. In that sense, the new Pikmin, purple and white, will have add some fun. The storyline
is not as dramatic as before, unless you have fears of bankruptcy in your business. Olimar, and new buddy Louie are to
return to the Earth (at least previous Pikmin players think so) and find treasures. Last time, you needed to find 30 ship
parts required so you could escape the planet. So, again, it doesn't seem like we are in any dire situation. The second
character allows for you to do things a little faster, by switching between them. This unnecessary element actually makes
the game a little more different. The treasures each have a different value (in the currency of Pokos), and you must get
10,000 Pokos worth of treasures. Now, a lot of it are just things we would consider trash, but for some reason, they're
actually worth something on the planet Hocotate. We still expect the adventure mode to astound us, and hopefully the
replay will too. And from what we've seen, the extra modes may very well amount for tons of replay. The Challenge Mode
is back with tens more places to explore. The real perk is the new multiplayer mode. I was fairly impressed by Star Wars:
Rebel Strike's new multiplayer mode, even when I wrote a preview for that game 10 months ago. I am really impressed by
what I've seen so far, the multiplayer mode looks varied and interesting. Hey, controlling all those Pikmin again is all I
want to do, and I guess with a friend, it will be even more fun. New enemies, new areas, new Pikmin; it really is a new
Pikmin. Shigeru Miyamoto may have outdone himself this time! We'll have to wait only one more month to see the final
outcome of Nintendo's long effort!