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Pikmin 2 introduces an array of new things, including puzzles, game modes, and more! Even for experts, there may be
something you are troubled on. Maybe there's something simple that you never thought of before. Whatever you want to
know about Pikmin 2, believe us, we have it here. If you don't believe us, then send in your Pikmin 2 question to
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1. Adventure Mode
A. Pikmin types collecting
B. Item collecting
C. Piklopedia
2. 2-P Battle Mode
A. Basics
B. 'Cherry' attacks/upgrades
C. Great strategies
3. Challenge Mode
A. Basics
B. Pink Flower strategies
1. Adventure Mode
Question: Where do I find white Pikmin?
Answer: In the "Awakening Wood", there is a cave called the White Flower Garden. This cave holds Ivory Candypop
buds, that produce white Pikmin. You'll need a weight of 200 Pikmin to crush down a bag that's blocking the path to the
cave. Purple Pikmin are great for this job.
Question: Where do I find yellow Pikmin?
Answer: In the third level, "Perplexing Pool", there is a lone yellow Pikmin standing in the center part of the level. To get
to it, you'll need to solve a stone block puzzle. You'll see more of these in the game, but head toward the left of where
your ship landed. You can follow the water in this direction. There will be a point where the land comes really close to the
water, and right in this area, you'll find two stone blocks. Whichever block has more weight in Pikmin will lower, making
the other one rise. You should bring some white Pikmin, and the same amount of another color of Pikmin plus one. While
standing on the lower block with all your Pikmin, throw all of the other color on the other block. This will lower the other
one, raising the one you are on with your white Pikmin. Use the white Pikmin to destroy the poison wall. The yellow
Pikmin are inside here.
Question: Where do I find blue Pikmin?
Answer: Now that you have yellow Pikmin, go back to the "Awakening Wood" for blues. Go into the area with the two
berry plants and continue traveling straight until you hit a wall that is slightly higher than where you are. Throw some
yellow Pikmin up here, and leave them there. Head to the right and through the water up a hill that leads to an electric
gate. Now call your yellow Pikmin to take it down. A blue Pikmin is in this area. More yellow Pikmin will make taking
down the gate quicker to do.
B. Item collecting
Question: Why doesn't the map display where items are like in the first game?
Answer: In this game, it would just make it too easy. Another theory is that the ship is different than the Dolphin, and
this ship can't detect things like the Dolphin could. Either way, it was a choice by the developers. Later in the game, you'll
get an item that acts as a radar that reacts if your close to an item.
Question: How can I know what Pikmin I will need to get items in a cave?
Answer: Before you enter any cave, a list of dangers will be presented. You can get Pikmin according to these dangers, but
keep in mind that you may need more to actually get items. For example, some items are hidden underground that only
white Pikmin can unearth. However, if poison is not presented as a danger, you may think that you won't need white
Pikmin. You can always come back to a cave later.
Question: What if I leave a cave early, either by choosing to or by losing all my Pikmin or dying?
Answer: Anything you collect will not be added to your collection. You must exit a cave via a fountain that shoots you up.
Sometimes you'll see a fountain before the final floor. If this is the case, then you may want to use it to exit if you are low
on Pikmin or very low on health. You will still have to come back down to that floor later, but at least the treasures you
got will be secure. Also keep in mind, that you can quit the game during a cave, because progress is saved every time you
move down a floor. The game will also be saved when you exit the cave, so you can turn it off after you've reviewed your
collection screen.
C. Piklopedia
Question: How many different types of enemies are in this game?
Answer: You'll find a total of 81 enemies! This is according to the Piklopedia, but some of the 'enemies' are just plants!
There are also 201 items. The items are grouped by type, and once you collect all of a certain type, your ship will give a
brief synopsis on what collection you have completed.
Question: How come when I open the Piklodpedia everything is at the same area (such as Valley of Repose)?
Answer: When you were at the level selection screen, whatever level your ship was highlighting on that screen is what
level every enemy will be at when you open the Piklopedia. So if you want to see the enemies at Perplexing Pool, then
move the control stick and highlight that level with your ship.
Question: On the treasures section, why do some items have a "Sales Pitch" and others do not?
Answer: You will unlock the sales pitch for collected treasure only when you have all of a certain category. The categories
are color-coded by green and blue, but those colors don't mean anything. The color coding just shows alternation between
different categories. For anything, you can always press X to see what Olimar has written about it!
2. 2-P Battle Mode
A. Basics
Question: What is the maximum amount of Pikmin you can have?
Answer: In Story Mode, it is 100. In Battle Mode, that 100 is split between both players. So each player has the maximum
of 50 Pikmin.
Question: What if I bring back fallen enemies to grow more Pikmin sprouts, but I already have the maximum of 50
Pikmin out? Will those sprouts disappear?
Answer: Yes. Pikmin will bud out of the top of the Onion once an enemy is brought back, but they won't bud if you have
50 Pikmin already. So, there is no point in wasting your Pikmin or the enemies' bodies. Save it for later, if you should lose
some of those 50 Pikmin.
Question: I didn't put any enemies inside my Onion, but Pikmin are budding out of the top. Why is that?
Answer: There are two possibilities that this may have occurred.
1. You brought a cherry back to the Onion, and then the roulette spun. You pressed the Y button to grow new sprouts,
assuming that's what it landed on. (See Section B.)
2. Your Pikmin died due to the other Pikmin army. Pikmin who die while fighting your opponent will re-bud at your Onion
Question: How do you win a match?
Answer: If you are asking literally, then there are two main ways to do that. One way is two get four marbles back to your
Onion. Another way is to steal your opponents marble. These conditions alone make battles so much fun!
Question: What happens if I lose all my Pikmin?
Answer: You will lose the match if you have no more Pikmin left. This usually doesn't happen, as long as you are careful.
Question: Is it possible for Olimar or Louie to die?
Answer: It is possible, but not likely. As long as your careful, you won't have to worry about dying. If you do die however,
you will lose the match.
Question: Player one's Pikmin army is made of Red Pikmin. Red Pikmin are stronger, though, so don't they have an
advantage over the Blue Pikmin?
Answer: In battle mode, both colors of Pikmin have the same strength, so don't worry about that. On the flip side, the
Red Pikmin's army doesn't have to worry about any water to cross. There are Watery and Fiery Blowhogs, though. In
"Hostile Territory", there's even electricity, so be careful!
Question: What do the two color (purple and red) sprays do?
Answer: The red spray will supercharge all of the Pikmin that is with you. Keep in mind, it cannot charge your opponents
Pikmin, or any free Pikmin. The purple spray will freeze your opponent's Pikmin army for about 10 seconds. Your purple
spray is fortunately ineffective against your own Pikmin, but watch out becuase your opponent can use it on your Pikmin,
too! The purple spray also works one enemies, but is probably not the best way to use them. (See Section C.)
B. 'Cherry' attacks/upgrades
Question: What are all of the possible attacks/upgrades can you get from a cherry?
Answer: The list below shows the icon that you will see, and what it does (NOTE: the word 'base' refers to the Onion):
1. Red juice: Gain 1 red spray
2. Purple juice: Gain 1 purple spray
3. Bomb spider: A dweevil (spider) carrying a bomb will drop to your opponent's Pikmin army. The bomb will go off as soon
as the bomb spider is touched.
4. Blowhog: A watery or fiery blowhog (depending on your opponent's Pikmin color) will drop at your opponent's base.
5. Red balloon enemy: A puffy blowhog will drop at your opponent's base. These guys blow strong gusts at Pikmin there, at
any Pikmin that was blown by that enemy will lose it's flower petals (if it had flower petals).
6. Bee: This is a Swooping Snitchbug-it will be dropped at your opponent's base. The Swooping Snitchbug picks up one or
two Pikmin at a time, and then throws them into the ground.
7. Marble with an arrow: This item will bring your marble back to your base. If your opponent has your marble, use this to
call it back to base before your opponent gets it to his/her base.
8. Rock: Boulders will be dropped at the opposing Pikmin army. They will try to squash those Pikmin.
9. Flower: All of your Pikmin will grow flowers, making them faster. This includes free Pikmin, but does not include
Pikmin sprouts that are in the ground.
10. +5 leaf: 5 more Pikmin will bud from your Onion.
11. +10 leaf: 10 more Pikmin will bid from your Onion.
12. Light blue Pikmin: Your Pikmin will become invisible for about 60 seconds. Pikmin sprayed with the red spray will
have glowing red tops that your opponent can still see, though.
C. Great strategies
(NOTE: Your opponent will be referred to as 'he'. Not trying to be sexist, but it's easier than saying 'they'.)
Question: I think the sprays are unfair. How can I avoid purple sprays from my opponent?
Answer: Well, since you both travel at the same speed, it's easy for your opponent to catch you. If he uses a spray to
freeze your Pikmin, it will leave you helpless. However, there is a way to overcome that. If you see your opponent coming,
only bring some of your Pikmin army with you. Leave the rest close by. Now why would you do that? Simply because if he
decides to use a spray, then only part of your Pikmin army is gone. You can then get the rest of your unfrozen army that
you left behind and attack. Even if your opponent freezes those, so what. Now your opponent has used his two sprays and
you still have your two left. Now that is advantageous!
Question: Should I use my purple sprays on an enemy instead if my opponent?
Answer: There are cases in which it is better to use on an enemy. The first case is simply if you have an extra one. You
may have an extra from an egg or a cherry. Another case is if you think that an enemy may have a final marble, and you
already have three. It may be crucial so that you can get the last marble. Otherwise, you should decide. Usually, it's not
best to waste it on an enemy. It's better to have a few of your Pikmin die in an enemy battle than to lose the whole match
because your supply of purple sprays was insufficient.
Question: When is it best to use red sprays?
Answer: You should use red sprays if you need to find one more marble and this will help you get the marble faster. It will
also help greatly in a Pikmin-Pikmin attack. However, your opponent can use a purple spray to wipe out your army and
their red spray abilities, so it's best not to attack your opponent when he can use his purple sprays. This will destroy a
regular Pikmin army faster. When using this against opponent's Pikmin, the best idea is to use it when your opponent is
not around. For example, if your opponent left a lot of Pikmin near somewhere, like an enemy or a marble, then you can
destroy them easily. Normal Pikmin are no match for red-sprayed Pikmin. Always keep that in mind.
Question: Is it better to steal my opponent's marble and win, or should I work at getting four yellow marbles?
Answer: This depends on the case. If you think you have a clear shot at your opponent's marble, then it is good idea to
try. Your opponent may have already gotten three yellow marbles, and you may have none. At that point, you should
definitely try and get his. That would be a good time to slow him down with some purple sprays. If he finds out and sprays
your Pikmin, just start picking some out and throw it at the marble. Remember, it only takes one Pikmin to carry a
marble, and every second counts. Don't go after your opponent's marble if he has the marble power-up from a cherry. If
you're smart, you'll hold onto this power-up if you get it. It allows you to, at any time, press Y and return your marble to
you. Just be sure to keep an eye on it, or else your opponent can still win by stealing it. You have to remember to use it
before he gets your marble back to his base.
Question: Is there any way to slow my opponent down?
Answer: Yes, you can throw some of your Pikmin onto him and they'll attack him. Now, they won't be able to pierce his
suit, so they won't do any damage. However, your opponent won't be able to do anything when Pikmin are on top of him. If
you should have your opponent's Pikmin on top of, rotate the control stick quickly to shake them off. They will still follow
you until they are defeated or your opponent calls them back. If you become helpless, try to get some of your Pikmin to
attack and defeat them. Keep in mind that those Pikmin you defeat with your army will still grow back at your opponent's
base. Here's something good-if there are some bulborbs left, run up to one with your opponent's Pikmin on you. They will
eat your opponent's Pikmin right off of your suit. This costs some time, so its best to do this while your Pikmin are
accomplishing something else.
3. Challenge Mode
A. Basics
Question: How do you unlock Challenge Mode?
Answer: On the bottom sublevel of the cave "Citadel of Spiders", there is an item called "The Key". Simply bring it back
to your ship's module and exit the cave. Once the game has saved, you can reset and find Challenge Mode in the main
menu. "Citadel of Spiders" is located at the "Perplexing Pool".
Question: What is different in Challenge Mode than Adventure Mode?
Answer: In Challenge Mode, there are 30 levels that consist of caves, similar to that of Adventure Mode. These caves are
somewhat randomly generated, just like Adventure Mode. The difference is that the developers give you a certain amount
of Pikmin to start, and of which color. You also have a certain amount of red and purple sprays. There are time limits and
just like caves, you'll need to find a key on each sublevel to move on. Once you are at the final sublevel, the key will open
a fountain that you'll need to break open to shoot yourself up and clear the stage.
Question: How are you scored for each level?
Answer: Scores are determined by the amount of Pokos, which are determined by the treasures you collect. You also get
10 times the amount of points based on remaining Pikmin. A small amount of points is awarded based on time left in
seconds. There is no multiplier for time, so it is a very small percentage. If you want to go for a high score, then you
should try to use as much time as possible to collect treasures.
Question: What happens if you play with two people?
Answer: A great feature in this game is the ability to play Challenge Mode with two people. The second player will control
Louie. There really is no difference with two people. Keep in mind, that the sprays can be used by either person, and the
amount of sprays is the same. So if the second player uses one red spray, it will deduct one red spray from both players'
screens. It is usually to your advantage to have two people playing, as it will make some tasks easier, and some faster.
Question: How do I unlock more levels?
Answer: Simply clear a level to unlock more. You will always have a five level advantage meaning that you will always
have five levels open to beat, so you won't get stuck on one level forever.
Question: In some levels that I have cleared, there is a pink flower, and some with a white flower. What is the difference?
Answer: A pink flower is better, because that means you have cleared that level without losing a single Pikmin! Even if
you grow more Pikmin, if you lose any, then you cannot get a pink flower. A pink flower means 'perfect'. Some levels are
much easier to beat perfectly with another player, such as "The Giant's Bath".
B. Pink flower strategies
Question: What should I do to prepare for each level?
Answer: Before you even begin, you should check to see how many sublevels there are. This way, you can decide how
many sprays you want to use. For example, at "Collector's Room", there are seven sublevels, and five sprays. That means
you should decide on two sublevels to not use sprays. You should also play through the level once to get a familiarity with
it, so you can decide what you need to do to save all you Pikmin.
Question: What should I do on each sublevel?
Answer: You need to find the key. Sometimes, it will simply be laying somewhere, so you should do a quick search to
make sure that it is not inside an enemy. If you cannot find it anywhere, then you'll need to destroy enemies to find it. As
you bring back the key to your ship's module, make sure that the path is clear of enemies are hazards. You should avoid
enemy combat, unless you need to. You also shouldn't go after any other treasures, as it can be risky and it is
time-consuming. You may need several minutes on the final floor just to plan a strategy.
Question: What if I have to engage an enemy?
Answer: If you're sure that the enemy has the key, then using a purple spray might be wise. If there are several enemies,
then you might want to use a red spray and quickly destroy them. You might want to play some levels just so you know
how to defeat an enemy effectively. If you don't have any sprays, then simply do your best to save all of your Pikmin.
There are some levels that are so hard because of enemies, that you will want to play with somebody else.
Question: What actions are unwise, or just won't work when going for a pink flower?
Answer: A strategy to defeating enemies fast is to allow it to eat one white Pikmin and instantly be poisoned, taking much
of its health. You can't do that since you have to save every Pikmin. You also shouldn't leave any Pikmin alone, because
there may be an enemy that may find and destroy them. The one thing to remember is that it takes only one dead Pikmin
to lose, so be careful.
Question: What happens if I beat every level with a pink flower?
Answer: You'll unlock the final movie under the Bonuses menu. There is no other way to unlock this special movie. There
are no more 2P Battle levels other than the 10 that exist already, so that is a rumor.
We hope this has helped you in this amazing, and long game! Even though it is complete, there may be more questions
that come up. If you have one, be sure to e-mail it to us!
A. Pikmin types collecting
Question: Where do I find purple Pikmin?
Answer: Purple Pikmin are found very early in the game. You need to enter the Emergence Cave in "Valley of Repose".
The Emergence Cave is near the giant sewer cover behind a white gate. The only way to get purple Pikmin is to transform
your red Pikmin into them by using the Violet Candypop Buds. (Okay, it's a 'violet' candypop bud, but it makes 'purple'
Pikmin? Beats me!) The purple Pikmin will stay in your ship, since there are no Onions for them. Since purple Pikmin are
scarce, you should be careful to make sure they don't die.