Mario Kart: Double Dash was
developed by Nintendo Co LTD. and
published by Nintendo. Below are
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Age 6+
Mario Kart: Double Dash has the most rewarding gameplay we've seen in a long while. It's about time that gameplay
became rewarding for you. We'll tell you here how to unlock everything there is to unlock in the game. If you are one of
those people who doesn't want to know who the additional four drivers are, or what the two new battle courses are, then
you might not want to scroll down to read this list.
All things unlocked by placing first on a grand prix cup. The list is arranged in order so that first we go through the cups
(Mushroom, Flower, Star, Special, All Cup) and then the engine sizes (50 CC, 100 CC, 150 CC, Mirror). It doesn't matter
if you play alone, or with others. This is where some sneaky strategy helps, so before we show you the list, here's some
tips to help you win all of them!
Grand Prix Tips

-Playing against another human player can be an advantage! Make sure you choose the option so that the two players are
in separate karts. If there are four players, you can still team up, as long as there are teams of two.
-One human player should be racing for first place. The other should be holding back certain opponents.
-The certain opponents the other player should hold back are the ones in the lead. On the first race, it doesn't matter,
because everyone's starting score is 0.
-Keep in mind that game thinks that the two players are opponents. Try not to hit the actual 'racer' with your items, if
your the other person.
-The other person should wait to use certain items only when the 'racer' is ready. Don't throw a spiny shell if the 'racer' is
in first, and hold on to thunderbolts until the 'racer' has a star.
-The other person should make sure that he does not beat the 'racer', unless it is necessary to keep computer opponents
from scoring more points.
-Mastering the power drift is essential to winning! It is probably easier when you have a second player on your kart,
because that player takes care of the control stick flicking, while you continue to drive.
Mushroom Cup

50 CC-New kart: Green Fire
100 CC: New kart: Rattle Buggy
150 CC: New battle course: Luigi's Mansion
Mirror: New kart: Toadette Kart
Flower Cup

50 CC-New kart: Bloom Coach
100 CC: New kart: Waluigi Racer
150 CC: New kart: Turbo Birdo
Mirror: New battle course: Tilt-A-Kart
Star Cup

50 CC-New kart: Para Wing
100 CC: New cup: Special Cup
150 CC: New kart: Barrel Train
Mirror: New drivers: Petey Piranha
and King Boo+New kart: Piranha Pipes
Special Cup

50 CC-New kart: Bullet Blaster
100 CC: New drivers: Toad and
Toadette+New kart: Toad Kart
150 CC: New cup: All Cup Tour
Mirror: New kart: Boo Pipes
All Cup Tour

50 CC-Nothing
100 CC: Nothing
150 CC: New engine size: Mirror
Mirror: New kart: Parade Kart

1. Place first on every single cup (including All Cup Tour 50 CC and 100 CC) to unlock the alternate title screen.
2. Totaled, there are 20 characters, 21 karts (one for each character+parade kart), 16 race courses, 3 battle modes (No
new unlockable modes), 6 battle courses, 4 engine sizes (including Mirror), and 5 cups.
3. The characters you choose for each Grand Prix does not matter; additionally, the initials you type in for records are
solely for records, not affecting how you unlock things.