Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
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Age 12+
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is the competition for Halo 2. I think it's fair to start off this preview with that statement. I
mean, it's bigger than Bush vs. Kerry in a video gamer's mind. Anyone who owns a Xbox knows that it is simply second
nature to get Halo 2, but the same goes for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and GCN owners. We can look at Halo all we want;
the basic formula is still the same for its sequel. There really won't be much improvement over the first. We can't say the
same for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The multiplayer mode is a big improvement over the first. You can argue that the first
one didn't even have a multiplayer mode, but it didn't need one. Metroid Prime was so excellent as a game, that adding a
multiplayer mode would be pointless. It's like Mario and Zelda games; we simply don't need it.
But in the ever-growing FPS (First-person shooter) market, it seems that it would only make sense to have a multiplayer
mode. Knowing that and the fact that MP2 is competing against Halo 2, Retro Studios decided to implement a multiplayer
mode into the game. Realizing the high production values they had in the first game, it wouldn't be difficult to accomplish
this. What we have seen from the multiplayer mode is thus far, nothing but fun and amazing. Does it rival Halo 2?
Certainly. The biggest complaint I've heard is the different control style that Metroid Prime versus most other FPS
games. Retro Studios knows that gamers would prefer a different style, but this setup makes Metroid Prime more unique
and true to GCN. Retro Studios also said that it wouldn't be up for debate, and that the controls are very similar. I think
you'd have to be pretty stubborn to not at least give these controls a chance. For those who think it's not possible for these
controls to be any more difficult to understand, just look at people who have beaten Metroid Prime in under 4 hours on
100% (I know some who have done this under 2).
They have to have a very good knowledge of the game, but more importantly know how to handle the controls. Believe
me, they aren't hard. And you may have also been familiar with the MP2 Bonus Disc. It shows a brief glimpse of the
game, which is what the rest of this preview is based on. The game is essentially the same as before; even how the game
starts. There are a couple of differences. The interface is a little improved, as scanning objects is easier. You also start the
game with both the Light and Dark beams. Owners of the Bonus Disc wonder how you got those beams. Samus actually
met a Luminoth who supposedly gives those to you, as that race believes it will greatly help you destroy the evil.
The evil in this game is also new, so you won't see many old enemies. Even though, you'll see Space Pirates and Metroids,
the story focuses on the Ing. The only original aspect I can find here is the fact that the two parallel worlds appear the
same when you compare their maps. The reason for this is simply because these worlds are pretty much exact opposites. It
seems that Retro Srudios is creating Metroid Prime over again. There doesn't appear to be enough original elements to
make it worthwhile.
However, I said this about Pikmin 2. I said that the one-player mode wouldn't be too good, and that the multiplayer would
be great. That's what I'm saying about MP2. However, when Pikmin 2 came out, I was wrong about the one-player mode.
Everything in Pikmin 2 is great! Let's hope that when we post the review for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes in 2005, that I'll
think the same about it, too. Knowing Nintendo, I don't think that they would mess up this sequel. At least I know for
sure that the multiplayer mode is good. It will be the sole reason why I buy it on November 17th when it is released in
North America. Halo 2 will be the obvious choice for most, but the lucky people will experience this, too.