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The Sims Bustin' Out seems easy to familiar fans, but to new players, there are some things that you should know.
This first section covers all of the stats for your sims that you need to keep at a high level to maintain a good mood for
them. This goes for any Sims game, even the PC version. These stats are all important to keep a healthy sim, so read
each one carefully, particularly the ones you're having problems keeping high (hopefully you know how to keep bladder
high by now!)

Sims get hungry a lot, and this is one of the most annoying stats to keep at a high level. Believe it or not, a $40 pizza
won't fill you as much as something homemade will. If you are low on cooking skill, but have a lot of cash, pizza may be
the best way to go-just eat more than one slice. A home-cooked meal usually fills you up more, depending on what
quality of refrigerator you have. Cooking points affect how fast you cook food, not the quality. But you should have at
least one cooking skill point, or fires will occur. One plate of a home-cooked meal should fill up about half of your
meter with a good refrigerator and other appliances like a microwave, stove top or food processor-whatever you prefer.
Cooking a meal for yourself will cost $10, and take a lot of time. A quick meal will also cost $10, but won't fill you up as
much. At least it is quicker to make. A snack will cost $5, and take not time to make. However, it won't fill you up
much. Usually the best way to go is by serving a meal. It costs $20, but it serves six plates! This is great for big families,
or parties where the people demand a lot of food. While your eating, it's nice to have a place to sit, so make sure there
are chairs around a table, along with a lot of room around the table, so your Sims can move with ease.

A shower daily may not be enough if you want a temporary wash up. Otherwise, a shower daily should be enough. If
your Sim wants to have comfort as well as hygiene, then a bath should be better. It will take a little longer, but it gets
rid of two things you need. Comfort won't go up as fast as your hygiene, but it puts it a little higher. If your Sim wants
to use the sink to wash their hands after using the bathroom, then you should usually let them. If you're in a rush,
then skip it-you'll always make up for it when you take your daily shower. Some other things that get you slightly more
clean is brushing your teeth, and sitting in a hot tub. You'll need a medicine cabinet to brush your teeth. This also acts
as a mirror for charisma, but that's besides the point. You should place this above a sink.

The obvious way to fill your energy meter is to get some sleep. Certain beds, though, can help you sleep faster then
others. There's a bed that looks like a capsule. This sleep chamber bed fills up your energy meter very fast, allowing
you to wake up faster. If your Sim has a high active stat (chosen when you first made your Sim), you'll get up with
more ease. Otherwise, you'll rub your eyes and won't get up the second you're done sleeping. This is important for
those who have a busy schedule. Also make sure that you don't interrupt their sleep-they'll get up when they're done.
Drink some espresso to wake you up a little. This also boosts your fun meter a little, but lowers your bladder a lot. Also
look out for beds with comfort; that way you can regain comfort while sleeping. If you don't get to bed quick enough,
your Sim may fall asleep. As their energy gradually goes up, their comfort dramatically lowers! Try to create a sleep
pattern around your work hours. Drinking espresso will skip an hour of your sleep, basically. If you must go to work,
then be sure to wake up your Sim.

Social stat is raised when you talk to someone. This is pretty easy to maintain, but don't let it fall down because it does
take a lot of conversation to raise it from red to green. Talking to people is also a great way to make friends-essential
for nearly every job. Socializing has never been this much fun! Now there are great social options with friends like
'Burp in Face' and 'Karate Chop'. Try some out to see which ones work best. To really raise your social, kiss or hug
somebody that you love. A heart symbol next to the name indicates that you love them. If you live alone, then invite
some friends over. Half of this game is relationships, you know!

Most things that you do will have comfort with them. Comfort isn't something that you can easily raise, but rather
better to maintain. Simply sitting down while you're eating, or taking a bath instead of a shower can raise your comfort
level. You should always find excuses to get in the hot tub. Not only can you chat with people around you, you can really
boost your comfort level. The best way to get comfort is simply sleep on a comfortable bed. Maybe putting comfortable
chairs around an eating surface would be a good idea. Trying to raise comfort can easily add up to a lot of spent money,
so watch how you get your comfort, and see if you can discover which ways are easy for your Sims.

The obvious way to fill this up to green is to just go to the bathroom. There are three types of toilets (one of them is
unlockable). One of those automatically flushes. Although it is expensive, it also provides a little comfort as well. If you
wait too long to use the toilet, then you'll...well you know. A small puddle will be happened and your Sim will
feel uncomfortable and will immediately require a long shower or bath to get rid of the smell. That's about it though, If
you're really low on bladder, your Sim will run to the toilet. It's a good idea to make bathrooms somewhat big with
some lights to make your Sims have a higher room rating. They also need to have doors that aren't see-through. Only
one Sim is allowed in the bathroom at a time unless other people in the bathroom love you. It usually senseless to put
two toilets in one bathroom for this reason. Since showers and baths also require privacy, you may want to place things
in different rooms. You should also consider a sink so your Sims can wash their hands after 'going'.

This is one of the most important aspects. Things just get boring when you don't stop to enjoy yourself. Some things
that gradually raise this are hot tubs and chess sets. Buying a more expensive TV or computer will affect how much fun
you get out of it. Buying the "Meet Marco" computer is very effective in getting fun. You can also earn logic points and
fun while gazing through a telescope or playing chess. Hot tubs will raise your comfort, hygiene, fun and social (when
other people are there). Another way to get comfort can be sitting in a comfortable chair while watching TV. In The
Sims, you'll find that two stats can raise just by doing one task. Fun level is no exception.

This is the most confusing. Room is something that you cannot directly lower or raise. It is based on your Sim's
location. No not where you built your house. Let me explain-This changes depending on what room you're in (or
outdoors). So you should make big rooms with well-lit areas. When you first move into your house, check which
direction the sun comes up. For The Sims Bustin' Out, the sun always comes up on the front of the house. You should
place windows accordingly. Lights should also be placed in dark areas of each room. It is considered one room until the
walls completely close into another room. Things that lower this rating include dirty dishes, trash and puddles.
Decorations not only look nice in your home, but add to the room rating. Some decorations can be for interacting with.
A polar bear rug is expensive, but adds room to your meter and your Sims can relax on it, particularly couples... Most
decorations have no purpose but to be viewed, though. Still it adds to the room meter. If you have plants, water them.
Dried or dead plants really lower the rating. If they are outdoors, and there's a lot, you'll notice that you can't get
promoted because these plants actually put your Sim in a bad mood. Watch this meter constantly-it can mean the
difference in a good or bad mood.

If you want to prevent fires while preparing food, cooking is a must. You should probably have two skill points before
cooking on the stove top, and one cooking before you cook anything. A food processor will help make part of a meal,
but you'll need a stove to make the rest. If you only have one cooking point, then I would suggest buying a microwave.
And always keep a smoke detector in the kitchen. Even after all precautions, food can still catch on fire. This will dial
the fire station so you don't have to. The more cooking skill points you have, the more the food you make will satisfy
you food meter. Also make sure that when you have sufficient funds to upgrade your appliances. You can get cooking
points from the big 2-square stove, or the old fashioned way which I prefer-study cooking from a bookshelf.

Like I said above, you can use the old-fasioned way and study cooking from a bookshelf. You can also create gnomes
from the workbench. There's also a new type of workbench that makes inventions. This also ups mechanical. And
finally, there's a fast, but freaky way to get mechanical skills and that's the Tesla Coil. If you unlocked it, and you
have enough money to buy it (I think it's $8500), it will really boost mechanical.

There are lots of ways to raise creativity, and most also boost your fun level too. The cheapest way is painting on an
easel. You can eventually sell a finished painting to earn a couple simoleons. There's also an Artist's Block which you
can sculpt cool things out of. If you unlocked it, you can play the guitar. This boosts your fun, entertains guests (if
you're good) and raises your creativity. The DJ Booth is probably the fastest way to boost your creativity. Your fun
meter will rise, too. Other Sims can dance to your spinning techniques. If you have a dance floor, this works well. As
always, check the Skill Building section of Buy mode to find which ways are best to raise your creativity without
breaking your budget.

This is probably the most frustrating to raise. No matter how you raise the Body skill, it will drain energy from your
Sims. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can get things that raise your Fun level, too. The weight lifter is
the cheapest way, but very old and not fun at all. For a couple hundred more Simoleons, you can get the better option
by purchasing a treadmill. And this time, I don't think it's possible to fall off because there's only one setting. The
"Fun" way to raise your Body skills is by swimming. Make sure that your Sims get ample sleep during their day,
because they'll need loads of energy to raise this slow-to-raise skill.

There aren't too many ways to raise Logic skill, but all of them are useful. If you buy a Chess Set, then you'll get more
Fun level. Although Fun rises slowly, since you'll be there for a while, you're fun meter will get good treatment.
Another fun way to raise Logic is by gazing through a telescope. This is much more expensive though, and you probably
don't want to stare at it for too long...ya never know who's watching you! And an even more expensive way is to buy the
robot Miss Gyrotic. This isn't necessarily fun, but the robot will perform the function that you want, like chores or you
can even talk to it! Logic isn't needed for many careers, so don't worry. If you're tight on spending, go with the Chess

The old-fashioned way to raise Charisma is buy a mirror. A wall mirror should go above the sink in a bathroom. A
medicine cabinet also allows you to brush your teeth, if you'd like, but it's main purpose is for raising Charisma. A
floor mirror is great in a bedroom, but it doesn't raise your Charisma any faster than other mirrors. The fastest, and
coolest way to raise Charisma is by using the microphone. Hopefully, you've unlocked it. Use that to please Sims (if
you're good) and to sharply raise Charisma. It's a bit more expensive than mirrors, but worth it.